5 Lightweight Travel Trailers Perfect For Couples

Lightweight Travel Trailers


Having to travel with your significant other is a fun and memorable experience for every couple. After your partner, the second important thing to remember is to know the vehicle you’re using to travel. It is because this can affect your travel greatly. Since we will talk about inter-city travel here, the trailer you are traveling in needs to have everything you might need. This includes a kitchen, a portable bathroom, and enough space to sleep comfortably.

We are going to dive into the list of lightweight travel trailers which are best suited for couples. These are the five best travel trailers that traveling couples should look into. We shall also look at the specifics of travel trailers before we give you the actual list.

Your first travel trailer purchase must be memorable, so why not invest your money wisely?

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Lightweight Travel Trailer

Consider a few things before investing in a lightweight travel trailer. Some important factors include the budget, resting capacity, a showering area, and a kitchen area. Make sure to have everything in the trailer you will require.


Without any doubt, the first thing which should concern you regarding a lightweight travel trailer should be its price. Start with a fixed range and then see whether you can allow it to increase. Maintenance costs are also included in the overall cost of your trailer, so keep that in mind, too. For better understanding, talk to your partner about this.

Since you frequently travel, you may look for a remote job. That is why you should be looking for something within your budget. If you have your budget in mind, everything else will eventually fall into place.

As mentioned a few moments ago, you will also need to keep in mind storage and maintenance expenses, which will pop up now and then. So, include the price of these things in your budget as well.

Resting Capacity

Choose the layout designed for couples thoroughly before making a purchase. Remember that you and your partner will be the only ones occupying the trailer majorly. However, more room means you can alter the trailer’s interior to your liking.

If you are camping with your friends or family, you must ensure there is enough sleeping space for everyone. However, if only two people are using the trailer, you won’t require that much space.

Shower And Bathroom

Before investing in a trailer, the shower aspect must be carefully examined. While some prefer no bathroom, some prefer a dry or wet bath. Most trailers have a small area for showering, while teardrop trailers do not come with any restroom.

Couples should decide this together. Your partner might prefer something other than showering right next to the toilet. Plus, it might not be that hygienic, either. So, keep this thought in mind while proceeding with a trailer purchase.


Moving on, we have probably the most important part of your trailer. Well, if you want it to be there. The amount of kitchen space you need solely depends on how much cooking you’ll be doing.

A grill is a more convenient option for couples who cook frequently, but campfire cooking is a good option if you want to connect to nature. The design of the trailer’s kitchen should be compact so that you can get done with cooking and clearing everything quickly.


The final most important thing you should remember is the trailer’s weight. Your trailer shouldn’t be too heavy to pull because all your energy will be utilized doing that!

Before purchasing the trailer, check the trailer’s weight. You’ll get a handbook for the trailer, which should have all the information regarding its weight and size. This will help you determine how much towing capacity your vehicle will need. 

Top 5 Lightweight Travel Trailers For Couples

Now that we’ve taken a look at the factors you should consider before buying a trailer, we shall give you a list of lightweight trailers from which you can choose. These trailers offer great productivity and are the best ones in their category. Make sure to select the one which suits your liking the best.

Winnebago Hike H170S

One of the most excellent lightweight travel trailers available for couples is the Winnebago Hike. If you’re someone who wants to enjoy the great outdoors, then this trailer is going to be everything that you hoped for. This camper is perfect for a couple that plans to spend most of their days off-grid because it has built-in solar power and tires that can survive even the roughest paths. An external rack system helps you keep items organized and ready to use.

You can add a roof rack system along with accessories like fishing rods and kayaks to the trailer’s built-in rack system. The trailer’s propane tanks and house batteries are stored in a powder-coated storage box that can also be used for storing extra camping gear. Storage of items is pretty easy because of how much space this trailer provides.

The cabinets near the dinette provide extra interior storage in addition to the storage space above and below the kitchen sink. Moreover, the space behind the toilet equips a wardrobe closet to store clothes and other essentials. The trailer also incorporates a 10’ powered awning, a compact kitchen, a convertible dinette, and a queen-sized bed to ensure an all-in-one road travel experience. 

Scamp 16 Trailer

Look only as far as the Scamp travel trailer if you’re searching for a couple-suitable lightweight unit with many possibilities. The Scamp 16 Trailer believes in delivering its best. It is why it comes with five different layouts the buyer can choose per their needs.

The trailer contains a spacious storage cabinet at the entrance and more storage spaces across from it. Additionally, there is a ton of storage space near the convertible dinette and above the kitchen cupboards.

This travel trailer’s kitchen is in the middle and has a two-burner stove, a tiny refrigerator, and a single sink basin equipped with a cover for extra counter space. One thing to keep in mind is that the bathroom of this trailer is quite essential. It comes with nothing more than a shower and toilet combo.

Rockwood Geo Pro 20FBS

The Rockwood Geo Pro 20FBS is an excellent all-around travel trailer with a comfortable sleeping capacity for two people. Drawbridge steps are installed at the camper’s entry to prevent the travel trailer from shaking as people enter or exit. A bathroom featuring a spacious shower, a mounted vanity sink, and a medicine cabinet is across from the front door.

One slide is included with this small travel trailer, and it contains a sofa facing the TV fixed on the wall. The movable dinner table allows for incredible convenience overall.

The restroom’s location in close proximity to the built-in slide is this travel trailer couple’s biggest flaw. The bathroom door becomes partially blocked when the slide is drawn in, rendering it useless.

Venture Sonic Lite SL150VRB

For couples, the Venture Sonic Lite is an incredible choice to have. This trailer is highly compact but spacious simultaneously, making it a perfect travel trailer for couples to spend their time in.

The toilet of this trailer is made of porcelain with a vanity placed in the corner to keep your toiletries. If you require additional space, then you have another cabinet that you can use to keep medicines or other items. This trailer is probably your best bet if you’re looking for more elbow space while showering.

Other amenities of this trailer include a sink, several cupboards to keep items, a compact refrigerator and freezer, and a microwave to heat your favorite meals.

K-Z Sportsman Classic 130RB

If beginner couples are looking to take their journey to the road, this Sportsman trailer will keep them quite content on their travels. The trailer is divided into two parts; the living space is at the front, while the entrance is from the back. The bathroom and shower are tiny, so you’ll have to adjust. On the left, you have cupboards where you can store extra items.

You also have a two-burner store with a small microwave above it. Your meals will be heated up nicely in it, that’s for sure. The trailer also has a sink next to the stove, with a faucet.

The kitchen section has a two-burner stove with a small microwave oven positioned above it, which is ideal for cooking your preferred campfire meals. A deep sink with a single basin and a residential-style faucet is next to the stove.

The trailer has extra space in a tiny basement for storing camping supplies. Under the central sofa, you have additional space to shove some items.

Final Thoughts

To decide which trailer to buy, the couple should look at all their options and suit which one fits their liking per their needs and, most importantly, their budget. The choices we gave you above won’t disappoint, that’s for sure!

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