Avoid These Terrible Extended Auto Warranty Companies at All Costs! Stay Away!



Getting auto insurance for your vehicle might seem challenging because many companies are ready to rip you off when you go to them. When you feel like canceling the warranty, they bombard you with many questions that leave you annoyed. However, an auto warranty is important. Not only is it required by law in most states, but it also helps protect your finances in case of a potential accident. One must navigate an abundance of fine print, sneaky contract terms, and a sea of options to find the perfect auto insurance warranty. 

To save you from making the wrong choice, we will tell you some important factors to consider when buying your auto warranty and companies you should steer clear of.

Things To Consider Before Buying Auto Insurance

Determining Your Package

You might only require the cheapest policy sometimes. Cheaper policies do not include collision insurance, which covers repairing your vehicle after an accident. They do not provide comprehensive coverage, which takes care of damage to your automobile from things other than auto accidents, such as theft, vandalism, and natural disasters.

Keep in mind that only some people have the exact insurance needs. For instance, gap insurance may be necessary if you are leasing a car. Gap insurance pays the difference between the car’s actual cash worth and the remaining payment on your lease if it is wrecked.

Review The Car Insurers Financial Position

Everyone wants a decent bargain on vehicle insurance, but cheap rates mean something if the firm you pick can support its claims. You may assess your insurer’s financial stability by consulting online reports from unbiased rating agencies like A.M. Best, Fitch, Moody’s, and Standard & Poor’s. Every agency uses a different system to judge companies and the health of their finances.

Compare Multiple Quotes

You may shop for insurance online, over the phone, or by dealing with insurance agents directly. According to a Bank rate analysis, getting multiple quotations is crucial because costs for the same level of coverage vary significantly. This occurs as a result of the risk-based pricing for insurance. Each company has a unique system for measuring the claim risk.

Certain insurers place a significant emphasis on insurance scores to ascertain how likely policyholders are to submit claims. Other firms would emphasize the kind of vehicle you drive and how much it would cost to fix it after an accident. The cost of your auto insurance may also depend on where you reside. Your insurance premiums may increase if the rate of auto accidents in your ZIP code is greater than usual.

Comparing multiple quotes will always benefit you. If you ever plan to change your auto warranty, you will already know which company is giving you the best prices and which is trying to rip you off. It will present you with the pros and cons of investing in each warranty as you make the best decision. 

Question For Discounts

According to MarketWatch, several insurance providers provide discounts. Teens who have outstanding grades and are covered by your motor insurance may be eligible for lower premiums. Drivers who enroll in driver education courses or complete yearly low-mileage requirements may receive savings from some insurance.

You may also be eligible for a discount if your automobile has an anti-theft system. It is why you should always look out for deals if they are available and when you get the chance to talk to the customer representative, then always ask for one.

Worst Extended Auto Warranty Companies


According to the list, even the CEO of this business acknowledges that they are not loyal to their clients. The CEO of Allstate, Thomas Wilson, says that the company’s top priority is ensuring its shareholders make massive returns. Through papers they were required to make public, it was established that although bragging about their “excellent hands” in public, they encouraged right hooks from their personnel against their policyholders.

In essence, the organization combines hardball lawsuits with lowball offers. Wilson received $10,700,000 in salary in 2007, while his predecessor Edward Liddy received $18,800,000, which is an example of the amount of money this business is earning from its strategies.


One of the biggest automobile insurance companies in the country, this one has a bad reputation with other insurers. They are known for dragging out and rejecting claims that are presented to them. Thomas Watjen, CEO of Unum, earned $7,300,000 in 2007.

Due to their ongoing claim abuse, this firm is regularly the subject of media investigations, which places them in second place. It is a common opinion that Unum is one of the worst companies in the USA regarding paying claims.


Martin Sullivan, the former CEO, is still anticipated to make $68,000,000. The biggest insurance corporation in the world, AIG, has long been able to get away with abusing its customers. Allegations have been made that this company’s leaders deliberately raise prices in the event of a disaster.

According to the AAJ, the corporation has been dubbed the “new Enron” because of allegations of multi-billion dollar corporate fraud. If this company continues its antics for years to come, it will easily replace AIG as the worst auto insurance company.

State Farm

Being the sponsor of the NBA, you would expect State Farm to be a better performer off the court but let us show you just how poor their insurance policies are.

This business has engaged in very heinous crimes to avoid paying its customers. They fabricated signatures on seismic waivers after big earthquakes and changed engineering studies regarding Hurricane Katrina’s damage. Apart from dodgy automobile deals, the biggest property-casualty insurance provider in the nation is State Farm. Like most insurance firms, they will go to great lengths to stall and reject claims. All the while, in 2007, they paid its CEO Edward Rust Jr. $11,700,000.


According to consumers, Farmers, a California-based car and home insurance provider, frequently ranks among the worst insurance providers in the nation.

Farmers made headlines when a 60-year-old Washington lady was involved in an automobile accident that put her in a coma for more than a week. Farmers initially refuted the story, attempting to imply that the motorist who struck her did it out of wrath on the road. Before Farmers changed its mind and started paying benefits, the Washington State Insurance Commissioner had to step in.

Liberty Mutual

The insurance companies Liberty Mutual, Allstate, and State Farm used Mckinsey & Co. Mckinsey & Co. also advised Liberty Mutual to reject and postpone as many claims and payments as possible, even legitimate ones, as they did with the other insurers.

While Liberty Mutual isn’t as notorious as some other vehicle insurance providers mentioned above, it still receives significant criticism. There is a history of policyholder lawsuits against Liberty Mutual. Liberty Mutual has also been accused of unlawfully refusing insurance renewal for customers thought to be at risk of filing claims, in addition to its refuse, delay, and defend strategies.

SECURA Insurance

SECURA Insurance’s worst antic was when it had its involvement in a case involving an 83-year-old client. The claimant, an 83-year-old man, passed away after being struck by a truck while riding his bicycle across a street.

The client was appropriately crossing the street. The insurance company’s argument that the old guy didn’t merit more than $250,000 was pitiful. They could only provide this to the 38 grandkids and ten children. They could not consider the truck’s driver’s dismal track record on the road.

Direct Buy Auto Warranty

Following its refusal to cover customer repair fees, Direct Buy Auto Warranty reached a settlement with the state of New Jersey for $810,000. The settlement stipulated that commercial operations in New Jersey would be discontinued.

Despite what Direct Auto Buy stated, it wasn’t true that its service contracts would cover all auto repairs. In truth, several contract exclusions transferred responsibility for auto maintenance costs to the buyer. The payment would eventually lead to the firm declaring bankruptcy.

US Fidelis

What began as a business venture between the two brothers ended with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and state authorities filing federal charges; Darain Atkinson entered a guilty plea to conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and filing fraudulent tax returns in 2012.

In contrast to his brother Cory, who was given a 40-month term for the same offenses, he was given an eight-year sentence. Both Atkinson brothers received prison sentences and $4 million in penalties.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the inquiry’s main contention is that US Fidelis used misleading marketing strategies by showing clients that they received complete extended warranties from the automaker. The FBI identified mailers as another critical element of the plan.

What To Do When Scammed?

The first step is to find out what the business can accomplish for you in terms of the warranty and when you want to cancel it. You should consider alternative options if the corporation won’t budge or says you’re tied into payments for some administrative reason.

Consider filing a complaint if you think the company’s customer service could improve. Customers frequently share their interactions with businesses on customer review websites like the BBB or Trustpilot.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know about these companies and their acts which involve ripping off customers, it is a hint to stay clear of them for good and search for better auto warranty providers.

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