Best Fifth Wheel For Full-Time Living

Living on the road does not necessarily have to be a compromise. Investing in a high-quality RV can reap all the luxuries and comfort of creating your own little space inside your camper. The question arises; how to choose the best quality fifth wheeler

Fifth wheels are ideal for traveling and full-time living with a family of kids owing to their luxurious space and premium build. Here’s a sneak peek into our buying guide, which discusses our top picks for fifth-wheel RVs in the market, along with a few essential details.


Is It Worth Living Full-Time in a Fifth Wheel?

Fifth wheels tip the scale in their favor for several reasons. Firstly, it is an ideal way of life for nature lovers, travel enthusiasts, and people who want to live their life with matchless freedom. One of the greater perks of having an RV is that no matter where you go, you’ll always have complete access to your amenities. 

You can even detach your truck from your fifth wheel so you can freely roam around to hike or camp. So, whether it’s your post-retirement plans or a job switch to remote working, a fifth wheel can cater to you in the best way possible.

While the liberty of exploring and traveling on a fifth wheel is a charm, the greater attraction is the view. RVing in a fifth wheel gives you an unprecedented sight of scenic countryside views and the adrenaline of camping in the woods. However, it’s not simply this. Fifth wheels offer a generous amount of space and multiple floor plan options to cater to small to large families. 

The increased living space paired up with residential-style facilities gives it a homely appearance so you can travel in comfort and style. Most RVs feature entertainment facilities, kitchen countertops, separate living spaces, and outdoor decks to give you a complete travel and living experience.

Are There Any Downsides to Living in a Fifth Wheel?

While living in a fifth wheel has its perks, there are many instances when you have to pay the price for independence. The first disadvantage that comes to mind is the limited storage space in a fifth wheel. 

If you’re planning to live full-time, a safe option would be to rent out a storage unit to keep your possessions because an RV won’t be able to store everything. Moving around the countryside requires a lot of driving, and considering many factors, it is likely to be tiring at first, but once you get the hang of it, a fifth wheel weighs as a recreational living option.

On the downside, you’ll also have to cover insurance, maintenance charges, and vehicle registration, which might be expensive for some people. Also, to live full-time in an RV, you must be fully licensed and trained to drive, park and maneuver such a large vehicle amidst small neighborhoods. 

Living on a fifth wheel comes with the responsibility of remote jobs, which is why more often than not, it seems like an ideal lifestyle for retired couples. Young people having kids should consider all schooling factors before they opt for this lifestyle change.

The Best Fifth Wheels for Full-Time Living

With so many options flooding the market, it can sound like a cheap deal to settle for something less. This is why we’re here to guide you in making a smart decision. Since an investment in a fifth wheel will last you a lifetime, it is important to learn all about the features and qualities before you put your money down. Here’s a brief overview of our top three picks for the best fifth wheels out there.

1.Grand Design Solitude

This fifth wheel secured first place in our rankings because its residential design makes it a perfect option for full-time living. It comes with 30 different floor plans, so there are many options for a large family. The overall build is durable, with minimal vibrations and easy hitching while traveling. 

No worrying about storage space with the Grand Design Solitude because its spacious design and tall ceilings give it’s interior a homely appearance. Not just this, but the storage compartments are massive enough to hold tons of your stuff required for daily usage. Weather-tech insulation and Congoleum flooring are other perks from which you can expect to benefit.

For those interested in full-time RVing, this fifth wheel is a smart choice, to begin with. It has a kitchen island for extra countertop space to stay organized with residential-style appliances. Moreover, you will have a convertible dining booth and free chairs and tables to accommodate guests. 

The walk-in closet and outdoor storage space are remarkable additions that give this fifth wheel a luxurious feel. And the best part? Grand Design Solitude offers all such features at a reasonable price, which any RV-er might find difficult to believe.


  • Length: 34’11”
  • Height: 13’5″
  • Width: 8’5″
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: 2900 lbs
  • Floorplans: 30
  • Gross Weight: 15,000 lbs

2. Coachman Chaparral

The Coachman Chaparral wins the race in terms of its classic design and unmatched simplicity. Yet, it has all the bells and whistles to take you by surprise. It offers 11 different floor plans with customizable options and additional add-ons to shape your living space according to your preference. 

With a premium build, the interior is equipped with amenities and basement storage for extended RV trips and full-time living. Each floor plan has generous storage space with slide-outs that increase the sleeping space and living area. With several dual-pane windows and skylights, this fifth wheel offers ventilation and free open space to move around.

One of the major perks of the Coachman Chaparral is its residential-style kitchen with large appliances and serving islands to make indoor cooking feel like a luxury on the road. Pair it with entertainment and camping accessories, and you’re in for a good deal. The living area houses a 55-inch TV surrounded by plenty of seating which can also be converted to sleeping beds in case you have guests over. 

What else makes the Coachman a standout? It is a sleek and classic statement design with weather insulation, vinyl flooring, and real wood cabinets. Everything comes backed up with a warranty, and still, the price tag is decent for all luxuries packed into a single fifth wheel.


  • Length: ranges between 31′ to 41.’
  • Height: 12’4’’ to 12’6’’
  • Width: 96″
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: 1481- 3172 lbs
  • Floorplans: 11
  • Gross Weight: 12,000- 15,000 lbs

3. Northwood Arctic Fox

If you’re looking for a classic and timeless masterpiece, look no further than the Northwood Arctic Fox. For most people living on the road, there are better choices than something fancy. So, if you want a fifth wheel that ticks the boxes off in functionality and versatility, here’s your best buy. 

The Northwood Arctic Fox is best for all seasons; colder climates due to its top-notch insulation and thermal pane windows and hotter climates due to multiple air conditioners. Arguably the best feature remains its alternative power source of solar panels for energy efficient lifestyle on the go.

With a straightforward design like this, the Northwood Arctic does not compromise on space. The ample storage capacity can hold up all your supplies, everyday necessities, and even adventure gear, so downsizing is fine with this RV. It is compact and luxurious simultaneously, with open space for roaming around. We loved how everything seemed organized and fitted with functional kitchen and living room appliances.


  • Length: 37’7″
  • Height: 13’4″
  • Width: 8’6″
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: 3203 lbs
  • Gross Weight: 15,500 lbs

Is a Fifth Wheel Better Than a Travel Trailer?

Although it all comes down to one’s preference, a fifth wheel sets the bar high in certain aspects compared to a travel trailer. A fifth wheel weighs significantly more than a travel trailer so choosing a tow vehicle becomes the deciding factor. Other than that, fifth wheels offer greater stability in hitching and maneuvering around corners, which is important when driving such a large vehicle.

However, a fifth wheel offers greater storage and sleeping capacity, which no RV-er can hold back from. The multiple levels and heightened ceilings include various housing setups like kitchens, bedrooms, living areas, and outdoor camping decks. 

Pair it up with the lengthy build, and you’re in for impressive sleeping capacity. But it’s not just this. The storage capacity surprises you when you discover the incredible amount of basement compartments to stow away vacation supplies and everyday items.

A fifth wheel is designed to look like a home away from home. We’re not simply talking about style; residential furnishing and appliances are better than travel trailers. Many kitchens feature extra countertop space and dining tables, whereas the living room is brimming with theater-style seating areas. 

Unlike travel trailers, most fifth wheels have started including a second bathroom in their designs. Other entertainment and camping choices are also huge attractions for outdoor activities and treat your guests to fun-filled nights.


Fifth wheels are a top choice for people who want to enjoy full-timing living in an RV. They are the best combination of convenience and luxury to keep you sorted on the move. Our top three choices are good for first-timers in all aspects, so any one of them would be an excellent choice to start your RV life. Once you walk through a fifth wheel, you’ll better understand how things work.

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