A Guide To The Best Campfire-Scented Candles And Sprays

Campfire-Scented Candles And Sprays 2


One of the most powerful senses out of the 5 human senses is the sense of smell. It is powerful enough to activate certain feelings, emotions, and even memories. As individuals, we are constantly exposed to various odors, aromas, and scents. While some may smell pleasant, others do not. Various smells can impact our mood in different ways; they do this by either boosting mood, making us feel healthy, transporting us back in time, or may just be unpleasant.

The connection we have with certain odors, smells, and scents is not a coincidence. Our sense of smell is directly related to the emotion center in our brains which is why you can be reminded of something or feel a change in mood especially when you smell certain things like a campfire in the form of campfire-scented candles and sprays .

Campfire flames smell like burning wood but they can remind an individual of a past happy camping trip they enjoyed. It is also possible to be reminded of a cozy evening you spent at home near your fireplace. And, what if we tell you that these smells can be captured in candles and sprays so you can immediately brighten your mood?

Well, the good news is that these are available in the market waiting for you to buy them! Campfire-scented candles and sprays are created to give off an aroma that resembles burning wood and is reminiscent of a brightly burning campfire. You can even get fragrance oils that allow you to DIY your favorite campfire-scented lotions, soaps, sprays, and candles.

In this guide, we shall go over the eight best campfire sprays and scented candles that are already available in the market. Let’s get started!

8 Best Campfire Scented Sprays And Candles

Let’s get straight into a list of 8 of our favorite campfire-scented products:

  1. Fire In The Hole Campfire Spray Cologne -Outlaw Soaps


One of our most recommended campfire sprays is the Fire In The Hole Campfire Spray Cologne manufactured by Outlaw Soaps. This is a great product to buy if you simply love the smell of a campfire and want a cologne that can remind you about it to boost your mood.

This unisex cologne makes a great gift for a loved one, especially those that get excited with the smell of gunpowder, sagebrush, and burning wood. You will love this perfumed cologne if you are a campfire lover that loves nature, the outdoors, and landscapes with a unique forest-like scent.

  1. Campfire Fragrance Oil -Nature’s Oil


If you are not a fan of campfire-scented sprays/colognes, then the Campfire Fragrance Oil By Nature’s Oil is the right product for you. This oil can be used to add a campfire scent to your favorite soaps, candles, lotions, and even sprays. You can use it to diffuse the campfire scent throughout your home for a refreshing feeling.

This product has been created by experts in the USA and comes with an easy-application dropper so the application is mess-free. You need not worry about spillage and you can easily add the exact amount of drops to anything to create your own campfire-scented products.

  1. Campfire Smoke Room Spray -Candeo Candle


The Campfire Smoke Room Spray is specifically for those that love the smell of bonfires, smoke, and burning wood. This scent allows you to feel like you are near a campfire even when you are unable to fit camping into your schedule.

This spray is not just for rooms, but can also be used around an entire house or apartment, especially one that does not have a fireplace The 3.5-ounce plastic bottle is easy-to-use and is quite portable. A few pumps should be sufficient to enable the feeling of being next to a bonfire or burning stove.

  1. Mountain Campfire Scented Candle -Cedar Crate Market


Bored of campfire sprays, then get your hands on this campfire-scented candle instead! The Mountain Campfire candle is made of 100% soy wax and has been hand-crafted in the United States. The best part is that soy candles are eco-friendly and a better alternative to paraffin-based candles. Soy candles burn for longer periods and this campfire-scented one is sure to leave your room feeling fresh for days and months. 

The Mountain Campfire scented candle is perfect for romantic candlelit dinners as it fills your room with the pleasant scents of amber, sandalwood, campfire smoke, and incense in no time.

  1. P&J Campfire Fragrance Oil -P&J Trading

Campfire Fragrance Oil - Premium Grade Scented Oil - 100ml


This is just one of the many campfire-scented essential oils manufactured by P&J Trading. They recommend using this oil to create your own campfire-scented products like candles, sprays, diffuser scents and even cleaning supplies.

The bottle comes with a euro dropper cap that makes oil application smooth, easy, and mess-free. The best part is that this oil is non-toxic and free from hazardous chemicals.

  1. Campfire Smoke Soy Candle Tin -Candeo Candle

Campfire Smoke Scented - Soy Candle Travel Tins - Highly Scented - Handmade in The USA - Candeo Candle


Campfire Smoke Soy Candle has been hand poured using 100% soy wax. Candeo Candle claims that the wick is lead-free and can last around 45 hours in total. The best part is that this candle is eco-friendly and a superb alternative to paraffin wax candles.

A ton of uniquely scented fragrances and essential oils have been used to create an authentic campfire scent. The tin container weighs 6 ounces in total which makes it super portable and durable. It can also be reused for future candle pouring.

  1. Campfire Smoke Soy Melt Cubes For Diffusers -Candeo Candle

Campfire Smoke, Super Scented Soy Melt Cubes, Pack of 2- Use in Tart Warmers, Tea Light Warmers, Oil Warmers or Scentsy Warmers!


These cubes are another great product by Candeo Candle if you want something that is easier to use and lasts longer than campfire-scented spray. The cubes are better alternatives to essential oils if you wish to use soy melts for diffusers and wax warmers.

They have been manufactured in the United States and can be used in any wax warmer to give off a campfire scent for nearly 50 hours. This product is perfect for any apartment, home, RV, or office space.

  1. Men’s “Before You Go” Campfire Spray -Outhouse Manly Toilet Spray 


This men’s campfire scented spray is the last product on our list but certainly not the least. It has been specifically designed for men whose bad odor is not easy to get rid of when they use the toilet.

This spray allows men to leave the bathroom fresh and aromatic. A few pumps are enough to leave any toilet feeling like a campfire site. The soothing scent is strong enough to overpower the nastiest of smells. One 8-ounce bottle is enough for nearly 400 sprays!

Things To Look For In A Campfire Scent

Campfire-Scented Candles And Sprays


Campfire scents can be divided into four main categories. The preference of the buyer eventually decides the type of campfire-scented product that is the best choice for you and your family. Let’s look at things you can consider before purchasing one below:

Scented Diffusers And Candles

Campfire-scented diffusers and candles are used as accessories to give a unique scent and aroma to any home or living space. They are excellent options for rooms, offices, and entire homes with people that simply love the fragrance of incense, sandalwood, burning wood, cedar, sagebrush, and other similar notes present in a campfire and forest area.

Enabling your home to smell like a campfire can uplift your mood, revitalize energy, bring back memories and give a natural vibe to the entire area. For most, it also adds personalization and brings along a sense of well-being.

Room Sprays

A room spray is easy-to-use and can be used to freshen up a car, RV, apartment, office, or home in just a few pumps. Most bottles are portable which makes them excellent alternatives to a diffuser or candle that cannot be carried around as easily. 

A campfire-scented spray is a great choice if you do not want to have candle flames that can pose a threat in a small office or dormitory. Room sprays can also come in the form of colognes which can be sprayed on the body or clothing so you can smell fresh wherever you go!

Essential Oils

Essential oils are an important part of aromatherapy that is linked to mood elevation and overall well-being. A campfire-scented essential oil is, therefore, not only beneficial but also allows you to enjoy the aroma of a campfire without actually having to go camping or lighting a bonfire.

Essential oils are a common choice for most people and are great if you wish to recreate your own scented products like lotions, soaps, sprays, and even candles. The best part is that the bottles are portable and come with a cap dropper that allows you to control the amount of oil you use without making a mess.

Wax Melts

Wax melts are tiny cubes that can be melted to create your own candles or used in wax warmers and diffusers. Opt for 100% soy wax melts as these are eco-friendly and a great alternative to paraffin-based candles. Soy candles and wax melts last longer and will allow you to enjoy the campfire scent for a long period.


Campfire-scented products are great if you wish to relive camping memories or simply love the scent of a dazzling bonfire. Familiar scents can elevate your mood and natural tones can be great for your well-being. The best part is that you can get your hands on campfire-scented candles, wax melts, colognes, and even sprays.

Campfire-scented essential oils are even better if you want to create your own products. These make excellent gifts and can also be used to help create an atmosphere that is fresh, aromatic, and pleasant. 

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