Coleman RV Thermostat Wiring Color Code 



Being an RV owner, you might want the best thermostat, like the Coleman RV thermostat, to prevent the scorching sun from ruining your trips. However, that’s not enough. Coleman RV thermostat will be able to give you the most wanted comfort only when you connect all the wires correctly.

The wiring of the Coleman RV thermostat comes with a special color code scheme that helps with its installation. Keep reading to learn more about Coleman RV thermostat wiring color codes. By the end of this article, you will have a solid understanding of the function of each color, how to connect each wire, and how you can test the wiring.

What Is A Coleman RV Thermostat?

A Coleman RV thermostat is a device installed in a vehicle to control appliances like an electric heater, air conditioner, gas furnace, and fan. It allows you to manage the air temperature in your vehicle without needing to control individual appliances.

Types Of Coleman RV Thermostat 

It comes in two designs: digital and analog. Digital thermostat lets you adjust settings easily. The controls of an analog thermostat are more like manual controls and use a knob for changing settings. Both thermostats require different power voltages and boast different heating and cooling capabilities.

Coleman digital and analog thermostats have further classifications based on the power voltages they work with and their heating and cooling features. Each thermostat comes with a different set of color-coded wires that we will discuss below in detail. 

Coleman RV Digital Thermostat 

Equipped with a digital display, this thermostat includes 5 to 9 wires in different colors. It is branched into three sub-types, including

  • Single-stage 12VDC
  • 1-stage 24V DC or AC
  • 2-stage 12V DC 

The color coding of the wires found in these thermostats has a different meaning. 

Color Coding Of Sub-types Of Coleman RV Digital Thermostat 

Single-Stage 12VDC

This thermostat comes with 7 wires offering variable heating and cooling possibilities. Two additional wires are also available in some models. Both models can work with a 1-stage heat pump. Let’s have a look at the color-coded wires and their functions. 

Color of Wires Color Code Functions
Gray GL Fan low settings
Green GH Fan high settings
White-black WhP Heat Pump
Yellow Y AC Compressor
Red R Positive Battery Terminal
Blue B Negative Battery Terminal
White WF Furnace


If you want to control the temperature of other rooms as well, the same model can help you out. The 2 extra wires come in handy to monitor other rooms’ temperatures and keep you aware of it all the time. These wires are white with green stripes on them. 

1-Stage 24V DC Or AC

This thermostat operates on 24V with any type of current available. It includes a heat/cool feature and a fan. This thermostat does not allow you to change the fan speed since the fan is equipped with an auto/on mode. The color codes of 5 wires are the same as a single-stage 12VDC thermostat. These 5 wires are dedicated to fan output, 24V input for cooling, 24V output for heat, compressor output, and heat output. 

2-Stage 12VDC

As the name suggests, this thermostat features a two-stage performance for heating and cooling a cabin. The higher stage is highly powerful and delivers heat and cooling suitable for extreme weather conditions. The second stage is comparatively low in power and delivers medium-level heat and cooling, ideal for normal to mild weather conditions. Whether you are traveling to a hot or cold location, this thermostat will accommodate your needs. The fan has an auto/on mode with a high/low-speed capability. 

Its design includes 2 electrical connectors responsible for separately controlling heating and cooling functions. Each connector is attached to a different set of wires. One connector features 9 wires, while the other has 3 to 4 wires in this thermostat. Let’s acknowledge the wiring color codes of both connectors separately. 

First Connector

Color  Color Code Function
Gray G Freeze/High setting for AC
Red R 12V DC Power
Gray G Second terminal for freeze
Blue B Negative terminal (-12VDC power) 
Yellow  Y AC compressor
Orange O AC Compressor terminal
Black B Fan high-speed
White/Black  WhB Electric heater control
Purple P Indoor fan low-speed


Second Connector

Color Color Code Function
Red/White RWh +12VDC Positive terminal
Blue/White BWh -12VDC Negative terminal 
White Wh Heat pump or gas furnace low control
Orange /White OWh Heat pump or gas furnace high control


Color Coding Of Sub-types Of Coleman RV Analog Thermostat

The Analog thermostat features a manually operated design that lets you control your vehicle’s heating systems. It further breaks down into four categories:

  • With heat/cool functions
  • With Cool-only function 
  • 24V Power

With Heat And Cool Functions 

This thermostat operates on 12VDC and exhibits a single-step performance for temperature controls. Both high and low-speed settings are available for the fan. Below is a list of wires used for this thermostat. 

Color Color Code Functions
Green G Fan high-speed setting
Gray G Fan low-speed setting
White  Wh Electric or gas heating element control
Yellow Y AC Compressor for cool settings
Red R Positive terminal of battery
Blue B Negative terminal of battery


With Cool-Only Function

This thermostat is powered by the same voltage and current parameters as those required by a heat/cool control thermostat. Since it does not have heating capabilities, the wiring does not include a white wire. Other than that, all the wires are the same as the heat/cool thermostat with the same color codes. 

24V Power

In this thermostat, you will only get auto and on fan modes – no high/low-speed setting available. However, high/low-temperature settings are available. It uses 5 wires to power all its functions. 

Color Color Code Function
Red/White RH 24V DC or AC input for heat control
Red  R 24V DC or AC input for cold setting
Green G Fan output for auto/on function
Yellow  Y AC compressor output
White  W Heat Output


Correct Configuration Of Color-Coded Wires 

Connecting all the wires according to their standard color-coding scheme is essential to operate a thermostat safely. The correct placement of wires is very easy to remember and remains the same for all Coleman RV thermostats.

The yellow wire is for the Y terminal, while the orange wire goes to the Y2 terminal of the circuit. Connect the white wire to W2 AUX  and brown to W. Blue wire should be connected to the C port and red to RH. Simplest of all, G for green, so attach the green wire to point G. That’s how easy it is to complete the Coleman RV Thermostat wiring.


Importance Of Following Color Coding Scheme

All the wires in a Coleman RV thermostat are of different colors. Each wire has a specific function and needs to connect to the right terminal or connection point where it is supposed to be. 

Standard color coding is introduced to enable everyone to track the correct terminal of each wire with the help of its color. For example, the color blue indicates the negative terminal of the circuit. It means the blue wire will go to the negative terminal.

Connecting a wire at the wrong position may lead to a short circuit or thermostat or RV appliance failure. The results can be even more devastating, depending on which wire is connected incorrectly. Following the standard color coding scheme reduces the chances of making wrong connections. 

However, the color codes are not mandatory for installing a thermostat. Customized-colored wires can also do the job well if connected properly. In that case, you must keep the correct color configuration of wires in mind.

Which Wire Gauge Is Suitable For Coleman RV Thermostat Wiring?

If any appliance has low-voltage requirements, you will need a special cable to install the thermostat. The wires come in many gauges, but the recommended gauge for Coleman RV thermostat is 18. Moreover, the wire should have 5 to 8 conductors and must be compatible with a  standard color coding scheme. This cable allows RV appliances, such as air conditioners and furnaces, to function safely when switching the settings.


How Would I Know That The Coleman RV Thermostat Wiring Is Done Properly?

Standard color coding prevents you from attempting the wrong wiring. However, the risk of improper wiring increases with customized color codes. You can test the wiring once it is complete.

Use a multimeter to confirm whether your wiring is in good condition. The multimeter will show the availability of the power when the wiring is correct. The absence of power indicates wrong wiring. So, if you find the latter to be the case, check the arrangement of wires again. If the wiring is OK, ensure the fuse and circuit breaker are also in place.

Can I Choose My Own Colors For Coleman RV Thermostat Wiring?

Yes, there is no issue in customizing the color coding accordingly, given that you remember the coding well. 


The colored wires in the Coleman RV thermostat are not for aesthetics. Instead, they hold a special purpose. The color-coded wiring makes it easy to place the right wire into the right position. If you follow the standard color coding scheme, you can never go wrong with installing a Coleman thermostat in your RV. 


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