EverChill RV Fridge: Complete Troubleshooting Guide And How to Fix it!



RV refrigerators are portable, lightweight, and small, frequently jostled when traveling. One of the biggest heists may involve selecting a suitable RV refrigerator. While most models require electricity, some also operate on propane. Many RV refrigerators are too power-consuming and prone to failure. You should pick the ideal refrigerator for your RV with a little effort, study, and a reliable power delivery system. 

The Everchill RV Fridge is a popular choice in the market. If you recently bought one and need help with it, we are here to guide you! Due to its usage, it commonly encounters problems and issues that need occasional troubleshooting. We have gathered complete troubleshooting instructions for EverChill RV Fridge to help you. 

Common Issues With The Everchill RV Fridge

Some common problems and their possible reasons mentioned in its manual include:

  • Compressor turns on and off: Frequently opening the door, leaving the door open too long, the appliance was turned off for a long time, high room temperature, or the appliance was not installed properly.
  • The refrigerator does not switch on: Tripped breaker, blown fuse, unplugged appliance, or power shortage.
  • No cooling inside the compartments: Very hot food was kept inside the fridge, the temperature was not set to optimal, the gasket was damaged, frequently opening the door, or the door remained open.
  • Gurgling or bubbling noise: Typically, it happens when Freon is pumped throughout
  • Vibration: The appliance is in contact with the wall or not leveled properly
  • Moisture gathering inside the refrigerator: Frequently opening the door, or the door remained open

Some refrigerator issues are simple to resolve. Begin by shutting off the power for at least two hours to reset it before troubleshooting an EverChill RV refrigerator. However, this is not the case every time. Troubleshooting an RV fridge takes much more. Follow our detailed guide to gain all the necessary information.

Resetting the Everchill RV Refrigerator

Resetting is frequently used as the first step in an evaluation process. It could be the best course of action if you want to find out the reason behind the improper functioning of your EverChill RV refrigerator.

Turn off the electrical supply at the breaker for at least two hours to reset an EverChill RV fridge. When the refrigerator is turned off, the control system can frequently clear the malfunction and resume regular functioning.

Unfortunately, there is no reset button on EverChill RV refrigerators. Hence, simply cutting the electricity helps reset an RV refrigerator. It is often done by disconnecting the breaker panel of the RV fridge. Later, reconnect it to the power supply after waiting a few hours to check if the issue has been resolved and the fridge is functioning properly.

No Cooling Inside the Everchill RV Refrigerator

When you switch on your Everchill RV refrigerator, waiting is the first task you need to perform. The Everchill refrigerator reaches an operational temperature within one to two hours. Hence, you must initially wait at least two hours for the fridge to start cooling.

However, if after two hours or more, there is still no cooling inside the refrigerator, then you must check for the following issues in an RV refrigerator:

  • The refrigerator might have a faulty thermostat
  • The door gasket might get damaged
  • The fridge might be misaligned or not leveled properly
  • The fuse might have blown, or the breaker might get tripped
  • The relays on the control board of the refrigerator might have malfunctioned
  • There might be an inactive inverter or a depleted battery if the refrigerator is not connected to the power supply.

If an RV refrigerator has powered on but is not cooling, there might be a refrigerant leak that may require repairs, or it may be that the coils are covered with too much ice, which is blocking proper cooling.

RV refrigerators are designed to be robust and function under challenging circumstances compared to those used in our houses. They must strive to operate while moving up or down steep slopes. Understandably, they can be sensitive and problematic at times. 

Whether something is not performing or operating well, you should inspect a few things to determine if they are. After that, they need to be fixed or changed. There are various potential causes for this. Let’s focus on some of them:

The Temperature Controls

Once you have waited enough to let the refrigerator cool properly for two hours, unfortunately, it didn’t. Checking the temperature controls of the Everchill RV refrigerator is the next step. Some RV fridges might have more than one temperature control, while others have a single temperature controller. You must ensure that the temperature control(s) are not set too low but at high so there is optimal cooling inside the Everchill RV refrigerator.

The refrigerator may not work properly if the thermostat is faulty since the compressor is dependent on it. While the compressor is the device that provides cooling, the thermostat controls the temperature level. Adjust the thermostat by one degree to reset it if the refrigerator is not cooling. The refrigerator needs to be turned on and restarted. 

If this doesn’t work, the thermostat may have broken down and become faulty. To confirm this, disconnect the refrigerator, wait a few hours, and then plug it back in. After that, retest the thermostat. Use an appliance thermometer to examine it or in combination with it. It is malfunctioning if it doesn’t work as it used to, and you might need to call a technician or professional repairer.

The Door Gaskets

If the cooling problem persists, there might be a problem with the Everchill RV refrigerator’s door gaskets. Next, you can examine the door gaskets to determine whether they are properly sealed. In case they are damaged, you should change them. Replacing damaged gaskets with properly sealed ones will help restore the cooling inside the refrigerator.

Improperly Leveled

RV refrigerators cannot enjoy the privilege of spending the entire day in a nice, cozy nook in our house. They are, however, sensitive to the surface level they are kept on and should ideally be set up on an even surface. 

Additionally, one must exercise caution when driving; the chance of the refrigerant liquid swiveling around and causing an obstruction that would necessitate expensive repairs will increase with how bouncy and wavy the road is. When the refrigerator isn’t leveled properly, running it for an extended period can damage it severely. 

Hence, an improperly leveled surface for the RV refrigerator might be one of the factors that it is not cooling properly. To ensure proper cooling, you must either park the vehicle with an even surface or utilize leveling screws or jacks.

Only the Freezer Section is Working Properly

Check the freezer’s functionality. If the refrigerator is not cooling, but there is cooling in the freezer compartment, then your RV fridge can be troubleshot. Replacing or enabling the evaporator fan if the freezer section is operating properly is necessary. 

The evaporator fan controls the transfer of cold air from the freezer section to the primary food compartment via the diffuser, a duct. The fan is in the middle of the freezer’s back side. Check for the evaporator fan sound to determine whether the diffuser is ice-blocked.

Non-Functional Fan

But what if the fan itself is not working? The fan will not work without power, or the refrigerator is not turned on. But if the refrigerator is turning on and power is optimal, still the fan is not working, then it has malfunctioned. It might need replacement. Also, check the motor’s functionality and examine if the fan blades are bent and if the fan is producing much noise.

Refrigerant Leakage

RV refrigerators are absorption-type appliances that work on heat transfer mechanisms using cooling coils filled with water, ammonia, sodium chlorate, and hydrogen gas. When the refrigerator isn’t cooling, a strange odor, which is likely ammonia, may emanate from it. 

The ammonia smell indicates a leak has occurred. There is nothing that you can do for yourself in this circumstance. Hence, it is recommended that you hire a maintenance specialist to fix it. This is the worst possible situation because it would necessitate purchasing a new refrigerator if not fixed.



Water Leakage

In some cases, you might find your Everchill RV refrigerator leaking water. The defrost drain being clogged is the most frequent cause of this issue. To determine if this was the issue, you must switch off the refrigerator and let it defrost.

If some ice was clogged, defrosting could cure the issue. However, defrosting alone will not solve the issue if the drain is clogged with debris or other materials. The drain needs to be cleaned manually, then.

Also, to ensure the proper functioning of the Everchill RV refrigerator, you must not keep hot food directly inside it. You must bring it to a lower temperature and then keep it inside for cooling. Keeping piping hot food inside the refrigerator can limit the proper functioning of the fridge.

What Does a Blinking Light of Everchill RV Fridge Indicate?

The blinking light of the EverChill RV refrigerator could be an indication of the following:

  • A loose connection
  • Insufficient electricity to the appliance

EverChill refrigerators are solely 12-volt devices by design. They require 10.5 or 11 volts to operate. The battery might not have enough juice, which would explain the blinking. Insufficient battery power causes the indicator to blink, which indicates that the compressor needs more power. EverChill refrigerators require a significant amount of power during the start-up period. 

Ensuring the battery has adequate amperage for the compressor is the optimal solution. Alternatively, if the blinking stops after plugging the refrigerator into the main power supply, likely, the batteries are not providing enough power. Once the refrigerator is properly turned on, the LED lights will stop blinking and glow constantly.


The Everchill RV refrigerators are widely used and reliable. Unlike other appliances and RV models, there are particularly no negative customer reviews of them. Additionally, the company supports its product by providing customer assistance upon contacting them or the manufacturer. 

Just keep your RV fridge manual close at hand and in an easily accessible location so you can refer to it in case of problems. Furthermore, you can always refer to this guide for detailed troubleshooting measures in case of any issues.

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