All You Need To Know About The 13-Foot Scamp Trailer



Scamps is a company based in Minnesota. This family business is known for its trailers and campers around the world. When it comes to their 13-foot scamp trailer, the biggest selling point is its durability on trips. The camper is lightweight and an easy-to-tow vehicle. 

The brand offers a variety of interior designs with oak, birchwood, and hardwood. Along with different floor plans for your camper. The 13’ comes in two categories; the 13’ camper and the 13’ deluxe camper. There are different versions and layouts available in both options. You can choose extra bed space or extra bathroom space. 

Apart from that, you can also customize the interior and exterior features according to your family type or upcoming travel plans. The interior of the campers gives 10’ wide space for your belongings and furniture and a 6.3’ cleaning height. 

Cost Of The 13-Foot Scamp Trailer: Standard Vs. Extra Features  

Scamps provide detailed information on their trailers, features, prices, and facilities on their website. Let’s take a look at the relevant information for a 13’ scamp trailer. 


13’ camper 



13’ Deluxe Camper 


Bunk beds and no bathroom  Bathroom and no bunk beds
Side cabinets  Rare cabinets 
No sink Sink is available 
Refrigerator  Water tank 
Gravel Sheild  Water heater 
Spare tire Spare tire

Above is a table comparing the two variants of the 13’ scamp trailer. The major difference is the bathroom. The size and other features are mostly the same. The standard 13’ scamp trailer costs $14,690. The two different layouts with a few extra features; are $15,590 and $16,890 as shown above in the detail table. Let’s look at the standard features that every 13’ scamp trailer comes with apart from its package or modifications. 

  • Standard size 10’x 6.2’ x 6.6’
  • Insulation 
  • 30A power converter 
  • GCFI
  • Front window ( in layout 1) 
  • Fits 1-4 people easily 
  • Table converting into a bed
  • Cabinet paneling 
  • Propane burner stoves 
  • 12V Lightning 
  • 12-gallon fresh water tank 
  • AC outlet ( not pre-installed) 

Extra Features That Can Be Added 

Feature Price
Roof Air Conditioner  $799
Glass two-burner cooktop $350
Back Splash $100
Furnace  $420
Group 27 battery pack $160 
Electric brakes $275
Backup Camera $500
Taillights  $180
8 ft Awing  $1050
TV Package $800
Generator  $999
Solar power kit  $475 
54” bed  Free of cost 
Outdoor Shower  $400 

Scamp allows their customer to add more features in their trailer than listed above. However, the more you add, the heavier your camper will get. It is better to stick with the standard features as it will be less complicated and easy-to-toe. 

Why You Should Buy A 13’ Scamp Trailer? 



Fiberglass: Making it Lightweight

The most important factor people consider when buying a trailer is its weight. The 13-foot scamp trailer is extremely lightweight because of its fiberglass exterior shell. Most of the interior elements are also made of fiberglass. Using fiberglass doesn’t only make the camper lightweight but also quite versatile for a camping vehicle. The weight makes it easy to move around even with an SUV or wagon, so you won’t need to invest in a heavy tow vehicle. 

A Retro Aesthetic Look    

Scamps trailers have a signature retro design which is also the case in its 13-foot trailer. It gives a 70s aesthetic vibe driving down the highway. The interior of the camper is very compact. Every inch of space is utilized efficiently so it can easily fit all your belongings. For people who prefer camping in a tent, the 13-foot scamp trailer will feel like a paradise. 

A Minimalistic Travel Buddy 

Most people who decide to live off the grid in an RV are looking for simplicity in their lives. The 13-foot scamp trailer perfectly fits the minimalist criteria. It comes with the least amount of trouble. Despite its size, it is equipped with all the necessary features for a great camping experience. All the tools are easy to use.

It Doesn’t Rust 

A major issue that RV owners face while traveling is the exterior body rusting off due to rain or harsh weather conditions. Luckily the exterior of the scamp’s 13- foot trailer is made with fiberglass, and it won’t rust or get damaged for a long time. The roof is solid, and there have been no leakage complaints from clients currently using it. 

Brings Simplicity To Your Life

Shifting to a 13-foot camper will encourage you to bring simplicity and efficiency to your life. It allows you to get rid of all the extra stuff, as you can only carry what you can fit. The camper is spacious enough to fit all your necessities, and the rest can be given to someone in need. This also doesn’t add up extra weight to it. 

Easy To Fit In Regular Parking Spots

The biggest benefit of traveling around in a scamps 13-foot trailer is that it can easily fit in parking spaces. The height and width are both compatible with normal parking spots. The length is smaller compared to most cars, so it will easily fit even in your garage or a driveway during long road trips. The tiny shape and retro design lead to fewer complaints if you park it on the driveway. This will save your storage money and offer better security. 

Easy To Tow

Pulling the 13-foot scamp trailer on maintenance and rough patches is surprisingly easy. Being lightweight makes it easy to be pulled around. The stability factor is also noticeably good. It won’t trip or give a fishtail situation on circular roads. 

Customize it According To Your Requirements 

The biggest advantage of choosing a 13-foot scamp camper over others of its type is that this trailer can be customized according to your needs and requirements. The team is super friendly and will give a clear idea of how to customize and what to add to make the camper fit your needs. For instance, bunk beds if you’re traveling with kids or added kitchen space, etc. 

Things You Should Know Before Buying The Scamp 13” Trailer 

Difficult To Order And Purchase

A common difficulty RV owners have faced when it comes to Scamp trailers is that they are difficult to get, especially a brand new 13” trailer. The company is family owned and run on a small scale. They don’t have any distributors. Due to this, the waitlist for a new scamp is around two years. If you don’t want to wait that long, you will have to go for a used one with its challenges.  

Slightly Expensive 

Smaller camps are available from various brands now. Although scamps are the most trusted brand of small trailers, other options are available in the market for a lower price and the same features. For instance, the teardrop or popups.  However, they are not available in fiberglass. 

Size Limitations

A major factor to consider before buying a trailer is that it can only fit a maximum of 4 people In its layout and 1 option. Whereas the layout of two options with the shower space can only fit 1-2 people. So if you’re expecting guests or will be traveling with kids or even with pets, this might not be the best opinion 

Speed Limitations

The camper is made with fiberglass and can be towed around with any SUV, which is a good point. However, moving around a lightweight camper will limit your traveling speed on the highway. The maximum you can go without damaging your camper is 60MPH. This will increase your travel time as well. 

Interior Outlook 

Although the exterior of the camper has a nice retro vibe to it, the interior is not very appealing. Even with all the different floor plans you can get, the inside shape is still quite weird. For instance the curved cabinets. 

Height Of The Camper

The interior height of the camper is 6.2 inches. This means that a tall person can’t walk around inside comfortably. So if you’re tall, you will have to reconsider buying the 13” trailer. There are other sizes available, like the 16” ones, which would be a better choice. 


To conclude the discussion above, it is safe to say that scamps 13’ trailers are a great investment. They are made with fiberglass to make them lightweight and leakproof. Apart from the structure, there are many other added features that you can add to customize the camper according to your needs and requirements. 

It is small, compact, easy to fit in driveways, and easy to tow around for your traveling adventures. Although you can find better options for camping in the same price range, they can’t be compared to the benefits that scamps 13-foot trailers bring with them. 

Above all, it saves fuel consumption for your towing vehicle. Being lightweight requires less effort to pull it; hence less fuel is used. The overall cost for the camper might be high. However, the experience you get by camping in the retro little camper will be worth it all. 

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