Funny Names for your RV, Trailers, and Motor Homes

Naming an RV? Well, why not?

Having a funny name for an RV reflects a sense of humor and shows pride in your lifestyle. A fun and creative name is a good way to give your vehicle character and make it a part of your family. So, if you are looking for funny names, we have compiled a list of RV names to choose from. Let us know which one you would pick.



Do RV Owners Name Their Rig?

Well, it’s relatively common in the RV community. You might have seen people posting their RV pictures with a name assigned to them. It is human nature to name things, and many reasons exist.

A Sense Of Connection

There is a strong basis for this in psychology. Since humans are social beings, they want to name things to feel more connected. This is why people always give special names to their well-loved belongings. 

A Sense Of Control

Another argument in psychology for naming things that bring us joy and comfort is holding claim over them. Humans long for connection and to tame things. Naming a thing will mean that you have control over it, and it will respond when called. So, an RV is like other vehicles until you name it and develop a connection.  


Well, it is not only about connection; naming your vehicle is also practical. It makes sense to give your vehicles distinct names to differentiate between similar ones. For example, “Remember that trip with Bago and the other with Winnie.”

It’s Creative And Also Fun

Besides all these arguments, naming an RV is simply fun. You can give your vehicle a name just because it amuses you. Also, you get to show some creativity, which can help you make friends at the campground. 

How To Choose Funny RV Names?

funny names for your rv

Like naming a child or pet, choosing a name for your RV can be challenging. So, if you are having trouble picking the name, here are some tips and tricks to help you create the perfect name.

Use Funny Words

Believe it or not, every camper is a fan of funny names. Not only it helps you to reflect your sense of humor, but it also amuses others on the road. A rig driving by your RV, the driver sees the name and laughs at it. This could be a source of entertainment while being on the road for hours. 

Combine Word Types

Make a quick grammar overview and create the perfect name for your RV. You can combine different words, for example, funny adjectives and nouns, to develop a good name. Combining words can help you come up with a high-quality name that will give an identity to your favorite RV.

Puns Or Alliterations

Show your personality with a funny game for your RV. A good way to do this is by using a pun or alliteration. A pun is a play on words or a joke that can be sarcastic. It has words with more than one meaning and sound, for example, “RV there yet?”.

Another choice for names can be using repetitive words with the same letter. This is known as alliteration, which can help create an easy-flowing and smooth name for your vehicle. 

Choose A Temporary Name

Don’t be afraid to change your RV’s name after some time. You can pick a temporary name; if you don’t like it afterward or get a more fitting name, it’s alright to change it. It’s your vehicle; you can assign it whatever name you want.

Types Of RV Names

Once you start making camper friends, you will get to know that there are different types of RV names. Here are some of the most common types of names that would come across on the road. 

Abbreviated RV Names

Some people use abbreviations or meaningful phrases for their vehicles. This is a great way to describe the rig or adventures in short words. Though it suits some people or not, abbreviated names help keep it short and sweet. 

Humorous RV Names

One of the most common types of RV names is humorous RV names. You would get to meet many humorous people on the road, and the wittiness is also shown in their rig’s names. Some use hilarious and off-the-wall names that can work as icebreakers while getting along with new people. 

Sentimental RV Names

Contrary to humor, there is also an option for sentimental RV names. Such names are a great way to show gratitude towards a special moment or adventure in an RV owner’s life. Also, they help you always remember what is important and beloved to you and your family. 

Professional RV Names

Some RV owners prefer to keep it professional while naming their rigs. A professional name for your RV is appropriate if you plan to start a YouTube channel and share your experiences with the audience. It gives a polished image to your profile, and you will not have any issues creating paid partnerships and growing your business. 

Funny RV Names

Though we have tried our best to make things easier for you with these tips and tricks, some of you might still need examples. 

  • Empty Nest
  • Sleepy Doo
  • Caravan Fever
  • Doin’ it-our-way
  • The rolling palace
  • AdVANture
  • Cousin Eddie
  • Bea the RV
  • Cara Van
  • Flo
  • Five Star Hotel
  • The Map Trap
  • Highway Patrol
  • Cabin Fever
  • Retirement Vehicle
  • Early Retirement
  • It’s Drive O’Clock Somewhere
  • Take a Load Off
  • Tow Big
  • The Kid’s College Fund
  • Waltzing Matilda
  • No-lookin back
  • Cheering it on
  • Jean-Claude-Van-Dam
  • Adventure before dementia
  • Rest for a while
  • Movin’ and Groovin’
  • Groovin’ Along
  • Backroads Betsy
  • Beige Betty
  • Chateau on the Go
  • FreeDa
  • Dora
  • Class C (pronounced Classy)
  • Homer
  • Hauly
  • Friday
  • Fun Finder
  • Landlubber
  • FreeWilly
  • Hot Wheels
  • Wander Woman
  • Seemore
  • Sleepy Doo

Character RV Names

  • Marvel
  • Miss Adventures
  • Miss Bee Haven
  • Romeo Victor 
  • RV Maria
  • RVsaurus
  • Mile Marker
  • MineRVa
  • Miss AmeriCamper
  • Miss Daisy
  • The Beast
  • The Long Haul
  • The Rolling Turd 
  • The COW (abbreviated for Condo on Wheels)
  • The Dude
  • The Dog House
  • The Fuel Eater
  • The Mosquito
  • The DeLorean
  • The Highway Diva
  • The Mother Ship
  • The Pong Express
  • The Party Wagon
  • The Rollin Inn
  • The Tank
  • The Skipper
  • The Black Pearl
  • The Adventure Wagon
  • The Wayfarer
  • The Ship
  • The Road Runner
  • The White Whale
  • The Runaway
  • Van Morrison
  • Touring Tina
  • Van Halen
  • Van Wilder
  • The Weekend Warrior

Cute RV Names

If you prefer cute names over funny ones, here are some options for inspiration.

  • CoCo the Coach
  • Desert Rose
  • Edna
  • Felix
  • Atlas
  • Acron
  • Bear
  • Birdie
  • Queen Bee
  • Redhead
  • Happy Camper
  • Sweet dreams
  • Carefree RV
  • Pink Flamingo
  • Bubbles
  • Bessie
  • Faith
  • Fannie
  • Dusty
  • Drifter
  • Firefly
  • Joy
  • Goldie
  • Gidget
  • Holly
  • Herbie
  • Heidi
  • Hotel
  • Home Sweet RV
  • Lulu
  • Lucy
  • Lucky
  • Myrtle
  • Love Shack
  • Hotel (add your last name)
  • Just Hitched
  • Old Faithful
  • Pearl
  • Parker
  • Our Little Lemon
  • Piper
  • Pure Bliss
  • Ruby
  • Penelope
  • Scout
  • Queenie
  • Rosie
  • Roamer
  • Stella
  • Sunny
  • Sun Chaser
  • Skipper
  • Sightseer
  • Switchback
  • Willow
  • Wanda
  • Voyager

Hippie RV Names

Those who like the Hippie lifestyle will prefer to choose a hippie name for the RV.

  • Jerry
  • Rainbow
  • Serenity
  • Boogie Mobile
  • Flower Child
  • Bohemian Betty
  • Spirit
  • Karma
  • Ziggy Stardust
  • Soulshine
  • Joplin
  • Joni
  • Hippie Chick
  • Free Spirit

Original RV Names To Get An Idea

There are some original names collected to give you a hint about the name of your RV.

  • Goodbye
  • United States of a Caravan
  • It’s our dream
  • YOLO
  • Born Free
  • Rarely Inn
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Follow your dreams
  • The Last Resort
  • Sea-breeze
  • Mansion on the road
  • Fun in the Sun
  • I will see you there  

Cool RV Names

Give your RV a cool name to make an impact on the road.

  • Golden God
  • Glampers United
  • The Party Bus
  • Brave New World
  • Tourists in Transit
  • Thrill Seeker
  • Dusty Roads
  • The Journey
  • Freedom Chariot
  • Alpine Express
  • Mountain View
  • The Twilight Chaser
  • Adventure Awaits
  • Mountaineering Machine
  • The Scenic Route 

Name Your RV After A Song Or Pop Culture

  • Titanic
  • Monty Python
  • The Batmobile
  • Magic School Bus
  • Gossip Girl
  • Robin Hood
  • Reservoir Dog
  • Keeping up with X (your first or last name)
  • Cuckoo’s Nest
  • Layla
  • Blue Sky
  • One Love
  • Riders on the Storm
  • Ride Sally Ride
  • Road to Nowhere
  • Hey Jude
  • Sweet Caroline
  • Heartbreaker Hotel
  • Brown Eyed Girl
  • One Love

Names By Brands

You can also consider naming your RV by the brand it comes from. Below mentioned are some common examples.

Airstream RV names

  • Iron Maiden
  • The Tin Inn
  • The toaster
  • Daystreamer
  • Al Uminium
  • Apollo
  • Annie

Grand Design RV Names

  • John Lennon
  • The Loner
  • GD RV

Keystone RV Names

  • The Rolling Stone
  • Kitty
  • Key to my Heart
  • Stone Cold Fox

Coachman RV Names

  • Coach Nomad
  • Coco
  • The Road Coach
  • Coachella
  • Coach Wander

Jayco RV Names

  • Jacob
  • Jay
  • Taking Flight
  • Eagle’s Nest
  • Jaybird

Bottom Line

Creating a unique RV name is fun and develops a sense of connection with your vehicle. Also, it is fine to hit the road without a name as long as you enjoy the adventure. You will come up with the right name after spending some time using the RV. Hopefully, this guide has helped you find the perfect name for your rig. 

Have Fun!


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