Ideal For Off-Grid Camping: 4 Lightweight Teardrop Trailers


Off-Grid Camping

Off-grid camping is no less than a therapy for revitalizing your soul with breathtaking views and the beauty of the wilds. When choosing a teardrop trailer for an amazing off-grid experience, outdoor adventurers should never settle for less than the best. You can rely on our recommendations for teardrop trailers for a comfortable camping session. Moreover, we will discuss some aspects that you need to know before buying a teardrop trailer. 

What Is Off-Grid Camping?

Off-Grid camping is your go-to solution if you want to spend quality time away from the hustle and bustle of city life and as close to nature as possible. Also known as dry camping, primitive camping, and boondocking, off-grid camping is a unique style of camping admired by landscape lovers. 

This type of camping can be practiced at campgrounds, RV parks, or in the wildlands of your choice. It requires minimal setup. You can stay in a tent or an RV like a teardrop trailer. 

It is one of the simplest camping styles that is also deprived of basic amenities, such as electricity, water, and gas supply. You have to use public bathrooms provided by national campgrounds or the wildland for your elimination needs. 

No public or environmental toxicity – just peace and quietness. That’s what the idea of off-grid camping revolves around. 

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What Is A Teardrop Trailer?

A teardrop trailer is a towable recreational vehicle most commonly used for boondocking. The name teardrop refers to the shape of the vehicle. 

It is a compact vehicle that accommodates two individuals and a child or a pet. The basic features include a kitchen, a couch-cum-bed, and a little storage space. Some modern trailers have a small bathroom too. The kitchen forms the rear part of the RV and can be accessed by lifting hatches from the outside. 

This trailer’s overall weight is much less compared to other trailers. You can tow it with almost all trucks, SUVs, electric vehicles, and crossovers. 

The interior offers enough space for the minimum stuff required for boondocking. Moreover, the design is closed so you can feel secure in all weather conditions and a wildland. That’s why these trailers are more popular than tents. 

Top 4 Lightweight Teardrop Trailers

Instead of getting confused by a thousand options on the internet, consider choosing from four of our top-rated teardrop trailers ideal for boondocking. 

Best Overall: Polydrop Teardrop Trailer

This trailer is approximately 14 ft high and 1150 lbs heavy and has an 8.7-inch thick insulated construction, providing 15 times more thermal insulation than other off-grid campers. Moreover, it has a heater with an adjustable thermostat to keep you warm and cozy. The rear door provides access to a small kitchen. 

The trailer also features a water pump and solar floor plans that promise home-like comfort. For ventilation, you can open the roof. Whether a pothole or wet road comes ahead, the trailer will conquer all the obstacles, thanks to durable tires. 

During dark hours, the solar-powered LED lights brighten up your interior beautifully. Moreover, you can enjoy music on quality speakers included in the trailer. 

Best For Height: Oregon Trail’R FronTear Trailer

Weighing up to 1400 lbs, this camper is designed to meet the requirements of boondocking camping. The interior is 12 ft 1 in high and comprises a kitchen, double bed, overhead cabinets, and a removable side table. The rear end forms a kitchen equipped with a stove and sink. It also has an audio system that enables you to play songs and make camping more entertaining. 

With the panic siren, you can alert your companion or fellow campers of danger or ask them for help. The roof fan and backup lights keep you comfortable all day long. This trailer also allows you to store propane backup for cooking needs. 

Most Lightweight: Earth Traveler 7250LX Teardrop Trailer

If you are searching for the lightest practical trailer, get your hands on this one weighing around 250 to 298 lbs. It is constructed with carbon fiber, Kevlar, and Corecell, which can withstand all weather conditions without damage. You can expand the interior to a considerable extent by opening the pop-up roof and pop-out walls. Moreover, depending on your usage and space requirements, it has a rotatable table that you can fold down, remove, or let be. 

With a propane tank, you can store fuel and enjoy cooking on camping days. The 100-W 12V solar panel keeps your camping activities uninterrupted. 

Best Simple: Vintage Overland Teardrop Trailer 

This trailer knows how to serve the purpose with a minimalistic design. It comes in three models; each well-suited for Off-Grid camping. In the camper, you will find LED lights, solar panels, and a goal zero generator. A small kitchen and storage area are located at the rear part of the vehicle. Solid aluminum exterior ensures durability against all types of weather and road conditions. 

Despite all the basic amenities, it weighs only 750 lbs. It means you do not need a heavy-duty vehicle to tow it. An electric vehicle alone can do the job well. 

Advantages Of A Teardrop Trailer

The purpose of teardrop trailers is to make the RV more towable and add comfort to your camping excursions. They have been a popular choice for most campers due to the following benefits it offers:


The manufacturers of teardrop trailers focus on keeping the vehicle’s weight on the lighter side for easy transportation. Most teardrop trailers weigh between 290 to 3000 lbs, much less than the average weight of a travel trailer and a 5th-wheel trailer. For this reason, almost all electric vehicles, SUVs, pickup trucks, and crossovers can haul a teardrop trailer without any damage and extra fuel consumption. 

Compact To Store

A teardrop trailer is considered a small RV caravan. The compact design makes this vehicle easy to store. You can keep it in your garage instead of arranging a proper storage facility. This way, it saves you the money required to store an average-sized RV and is always ready to use. Despite its small interior, it generously accommodates all your dry camping must-haves. 


The compact size of a teardrop trailer brings one more benefit to its owners – convenient maneuverability. When looking for your ideal location, you may need to go the extra mile and explore different places with your caravan. In such a situation, teardrop trailers help you travel through narrow routes and sharp turns with minimum hassle. 

Minimal Design

Like boondocking is a simple camping style, a teardrop trailer also features a simple design. Unlike a travel trailer, it does not offer luxuries like multiple sleeping spaces, a fully equipped bathroom and kitchen, and an entertainment system. Instead, it only has basic features, including a kitchen, bed, and storage space. As a result, it requires very little maintenance. 

Aerodynamic Profile

Equipped with aerodynamic properties, the teardrop profile is aimed to reduce wind resistance and enable the towing vehicle to haul the RV without exerting extra force. Hence, not only does the RV transport easily, but the towing vehicle also uses less fuel. 

Downsides Of A Teardrop Trailer

Owning a teardrop trailer can also cause you to incur some disadvantages, which are as follows:

Low Interior Height

The heights of most teardrop trailers range between 4 to 6 ft. Hence, campers taller than 6ft may face a problem standing straight and moving around inside the trailer. 

No Bathroom And Sewerage

Teardrop trailers lack toilet and shower facilities. If you are at a national or state park, you can use the public toilets available there. But if you choose a random wild area as your camping destination, you will have to use outdoor bathroom alternatives to eliminate waste. 

You can create a cathole at the campsite or use spill-proof wag bags. For any method, you must be equipped with basic supplies, such as filled water tanks, tissue papers, and hand sanitizers.


The comforts of a camper and the benefits of an aerodynamic structure come at a significant price. Teardrop trailers are more expensive than tents. The latter is a cheaper option but requires additional effort to set up and is also a bit unsafe compared to closed trailers.

Points To Remember When Buying A Teardrop Trailer

Teardrop trailers may fail to meet your expectations if not selected wisely. Therefore, remember the following pointers to get the most suitable trailer.

  1. Pay attention to the design, components, and accessories included in the interior. Prefer a teardrop trailer with basic features like a kitchen, heating or cooling systems, ventilation, sink, and storage space.
  2. Look for the right size for your space requirements. Make sure the selected model has enough room for you, your fellow camper, and your favorite camping activities.
  3. Go for lightweight trailers that are easy to tow and help reduce fuel costs. Your vehicle should be able to pull the RV easily on all kinds of terrains.

Is A Teardrop Trailer Worth It – Final Verdict

After acknowledging all the good and bad sides of teardrop trailers, we would conclude that these vehicles are excellent for dry camping. These campers include all the features needed to get the due pleasure of boondocking. 

The interior is smartly designed to provide space for cooking, sleeping, sitting, and playing board games. Although the affordable models do not have toilets, you can use public bathrooms or dry camping toilet techniques. 

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