RV Pet Fences To Make Camping Fun For Your Dogs Too

Leaving your furry friend at home while you enjoy camping with your friends and family can be a bummer. Due to the chaotic nature of dogs, keeping it locked in your RV or crate is the only option left, but it spoils the whole idea of bringing it to the campsite. 

It’s amazing how much utility and convenience a portable dog/Pet fences for camping can provide for you. You may require a dog fence when training your puppies or camping with them. While keeping small dogs and bigger dogs apart is necessary since the smaller dogs don’t understand that they must follow up their barking with a bite.

You should never leave your pets unsupervised at the campground, even if there is a fence. Imagine how terrible it would be if they escaped the fence and ended up in a foreign location thousands of miles from home. Therefore, only use your fancy new pet fence when you can watch over the dog.

RV Pet Fences


Here’s Why A Portable Fence Is A Safer Option

Nearly every campsite you visit will have guidelines about keeping your dog on a leash, otherwise restrained in a kennel, or otherwise secured. However, keeping your pet unattended in a vehicle, such as an RV or automobile, is not an option. 

A dog fence will improve the situation for everyone, whether you are camping in an RV or a tent. Without being confined or on a collar, your pet can enjoy the outdoors while spending time with you and your family.

This kind of confinement is also a smart idea whether you are grilling or relaxing by the fire. You do not want to lock up your dog or deal with its leash while you are cooking, nor do you want him to get too close to the fire or grill. 


Rules Of Thumb When Buying A Portable Dog Fence

Before buying your puppy’s portable fence, there are a few things to consider. You need one that can hold him at a height and is big enough for him to move about in. Additionally, it should be portable, take up minimal room, and be simple to set up and take down.

Moreover, it must have security measures like a sturdy structure and power locks. The material is crucial since it must withstand the elements and adapt to various surfaces, such as grass, dirt, and possibly even concrete.

  • Dog’s height / Fence’s height
  • Safety features and durability
  • Material
  • Assembly and storage
  • Easy to carry
  • Parameter range

The Best RV Pet Fences

  • New World Dog Fence

For those who desire a quick and simple setup and takedown, this RV pet fence is ideal. The fence comes in several heights and offers your pet 16 square feet of an indoor room. For smaller dogs, you can choose fencing that is 24 inches high or up to 48 inches tall.

If you only need a little area for your dog, this fence is a good option. But you’ll probably be let down if you’re hoping to run and play in it. Simply said, it is too little for that. However, for other people, the compact size and lightweight may be an advantage.

The quick and simple assembly makes it ideal for RVers who frequently travel to new sites. Additionally, it is optional to stake it into the ground. This fence is also among the least expensive choices available.


  • Both assembly and setup are simple.
  • Your pet fence can be customized for height to fit your pet thanks to rust-resistant metal in the construction.
  • The extremely appealing pricing range.


  • Dogs might be able to climb it, even though it won’t collapse over.
  • The ground anchors don’t always work as intended.
  • FXW Dog Fence for RVing

You should always check that your dog is secure and cannot escape getting lost when traveling by car. The FXW Dog Playpen is ideal for indoor and outdoor use because of its rust-resistant aluminum and sturdy anchor poles. 

Eight panels, going about 18 feet around, are available, or you can choose one of the larger ones that can reach 108 feet. The unique, safe locking mechanism is simple to disengage with one hand yet cannot be opened by a boisterous dog. 

Unlike some other portable dog camping fences, this one has no protruding metal. It is also suitable for virtually every dog at 32 inches high. The FXW dog fence is preferable because it has the largest perimeter of fences in the given list. It comes in five different sizes, and the larger the fence, the more doors for its feasible access. 


  • To modify things, adding or removing panels is simple.
  • A lock is simple to operate and reliable.
  • Both indoors and outside use.


  • Time-corrosive.
  • A single panel may be expensive.

Pet Fences


  • Toocapro RV Pet Fence

To accommodate the demands of practically any dog, Toocapro pet fences are available in a range of sizes. This fence is 24 inches tall and contains 16 panels. If that isn’t ideal for you, it is also available in 32- and 40-inch heights. Your canine companion will have 110 square feet to explore with the 16-panel option.

Since the fence is staked into the ground, it functions best on soft terrain. The poles can be inserted into the mud to fix the dog’s run to prevent movement. Portable dog fencing can be set up with different shapes to accommodate any space and area in use. 

Additionally, it includes a unique door latch that prevents your clever dog from escaping. You don’t need to be concerned that your pet will damage its paws if they climb on the fence’s top because the stakes have rounded tops. Also, your dog will love it as it offers plenty of room to run around. 


  • The simplest door twist lock makes entry and exit simple.
  • High levels of convenience are possible thanks to the construction and arrangement that doesn’t require tools. 
  • Due to the design’s remarkable levels of portability, it is a great choice for camping.


  • Prone to damage by larger dogs.
  • IRIS USA Dog Playpen

Here, starting with construction and durability is a terrific idea. All the portable dog fences designs we have previously discussed were made of metal. Therefore, it is a little unusual to see one made of plastic.

It’s highly resilient, so hearing that might raise some questions for you. The type of plastic is a significant factor, but thick components work together to produce a remarkably durable design. This is one of the greatest portable dog fences because it can be utilized inside and outside. 

Its non-skid rubber feet, which prevent slipping, are a feature of the design. This is very helpful because a plastic-based unit would inevitably be lighter than its metal competitors. Because the parts just snap together, assembly is incredibly simple. A well-made dog door is also available to keep your pet inside.


  • Better containment for puppies and smaller dogs are provided by the close spacing.
  • Appropriate for both indoors and outdoors.
  • Impressive sturdiness.
  • Attractive pricing range.



  • Only effective for controlling little dogs.
  • Easy for certain dogs to climb.


  • ESK Collection 48″ Dog Playpen

Whether indoors or outside, this ESK Portable Dog Pen is a wonderful choice for keeping your pet in one location. It includes a removable top and bottom and is constructed of 600D oxford material, making it sturdy and waterproof. You can decide whether to keep your furry friend out of the mud, the bugs, and the rain or to let him roam around the grassy areas.

When you pull it out of its compact carrying case, it pops up, requiring a few seconds of setup time. To ensure that the tent stays put, just drive the stakes through the openings and into the ground. In addition, it contains two exterior pockets where you may keep snacks, toys, and even a water bottle. Lastly, cleaning is super easy and fast; with the spray of a hose. 


  • Simple and quick setup with only one hand.
  • Extremely compact and portable in its carrying bag.
  • Removable top and bottom so the dog can dig in the soil or keep it clean.
  • It has stakes to hold it to the ground.


  • Not very large and spacious. 


When taking your dog along with you to the campsite, options for its safety include crate-training it, relocating it to an RV, or tying him up. However, none of them are particularly insightful viewpoints, and professionals rarely endorse them. 

Using RV dog fences is the best option, and it doesn’t have to be difficult to pick the ideal RV pet fence. Allowing your dog to explore their RV yard without becoming caught in everything in sight can make you much happier. So the next time, sit by the fire more leisurely by picking up one of the top RV pet fences.

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