Matching a Short-Bed Camper with a Long-Bed Truck – What You Need to Know!



Traveling has become a passion for a major proportion of the world, and people are exploring ways to start their journey. Every aspiring individual wants to burst the bubble of their lives and go out to seek the adventure of different cultures. One of the most common means of traveling that is extremely convenient to get hands-on are lightweight trucks with campers installed on them. 

Are you looking to install a short-bed camper on your long-bed truck? Finding the right type of camper for the right type of truck is fundamental for installation. Any ambiguous action can result in unexpected consequences. A short-bed camper is not the ideal choice for a long-bed truck, but it might be plausible with coherent assistance. 

Let’s find out if that is possible and take a look at some of the basic principles that you should be aware of before getting your camper truck on the road. 

Can I Install A Short-Bed Camper On A Long-Bed Truck? 

With proper procedures and appropriate methods, installing a short-bed camper in a long-bed truck is very much possible. Attaching it with utmost care is the key to ensuring a safe installation. 

It is usually understood that a long-bed camper is an unquestionable choice for a long-bed truck. However, a short-bed camper works extremely fine and fits perfectly as well. If you are planning to travel in your long-bed truck, then undoubtedly, buying a long-bed camper is the best option to opt for but if you already have a short-bed one, then you should not think about spending the extra money to buy a long camper as you can easily manage your traveling with the short-bed camper. 

Being able to install your short-bed camper in your truck requires some serious attention in your planning and preparation. You need to make sure that your bed is not just secured but also sturdy enough to handle the wear and tear your vehicle may face while traveling. All the measurements must be precise to avoid any kind of accident. 

To install your camper in your truck, you will need to take major precautions to fully combine the two components. Once the attachment is fully completed, you should conduct some tests to determine whether both of these parts are working together without any hassle. 

How To Install The Camper On My Truck?

By using jacks, raise your camper to a certain height that has enough space beneath it to allow the truck to get underneath. The camper should not be raised to a height where it becomes imbalanced and starts falling from one side. You will not be able to manage your weight, and your body will get damaged. 

After the camper is raised, the truck should be gently reversed below it to allow the camper to sit on the platform. The vehicle should be handled with extreme responsibility, as any mistake may lead to a more serious accident. 

Now is the time when you are supposed to lower the jacks and let the camper rest. To avoid any damage to the bed of your truck, it is recommended to use a camper bumper that acts as a cushion for your camper. It is not necessary, but it does offer extra protection. 

The most essential thing to be careful of is to slide your camper as forward as possible and tie it firmly in a secure place. This way, your camper will remain sturdy and not move from its position at all. 

The camper should be tightly attached as it should neither slide off the truck while driving at a higher speed nor move back and forth to distract you while driving. You can also use rubber camper bumpers to further reduce any chances of accidents.

The truck drivers are often seen using other types of safety equipment like shock absorbers and air springs to ensure maximum safety, as the trucks can get extremely difficult to drive with so much extra weight. 

Can Anything Go Wrong? 

The market offers a great variety of long-bed pickup trucks that are readily available to provide you the opportunity to travel and carry your bed camper with you on the wheels. The same goes for the bed camper companies that contain multiple options for you to choose from. 

However, there still exists a slim chance that your short-bed camper will not be compatible with your long-bed truck. It may be because there may not be enough space in your truck to fit your model of the short-bed camper. Even if it does fit, you might not find enough space to attach and tighten the camper to the extent that it does not slide off. 

Installing the camper on your truck is a process that can become brutally fatal, not just for you but mostly for the other people driving if the camper is inappropriately attached and slides off during your trip. The installation can be a challenging task, but it should be highly accurate and secured to avoid any unwanted threats. A camper is heavy enough to completely annihilate a small vehicle and can easily cause harm to the people on the sidewalk. 

Advantages Of Short-Bed Campers

short-bed campers have become increasingly popular for travelers to go on journeys with unprecedented destinations. People nowadays prefer to choose campers on trucks instead of traditional RVs and other counterparts. This option offers extensive portability and storage space with better fuel averages and a more efficient driving experience. 

A truck can be used for several other purposes like any other car if the camper is detached, while a van cannot serve the same purpose as effectively. A camper on your truck is small and compact, allowing greater control over the vehicle. It can be easily taken to places where a bulky RV will not allow certain mobility. 

Campers require frequent maintenance and upgrading along with the potential modifications and personalizations you will make in your camper to make it feel like an actual home on wheels. Being installed on a truck lets, you manage your camper with much more ease, as it has the ability to attach and detach whenever you want. Not just that, but looking after a camper is far more inexpensive and flexible than the other means of traveling. 

Another reason why people choose campers on trucks rather than vans or RVs is because it is convenient to store. Due to its compact and reasonable size, owners do not need large storage spaces to park their trucks. 

Instead, they can be easily parked inside normal-sized garages, which they use for their regular cars. Protecting your campers and trucks is essential when you are not traveling. Especially in winter when the weather is extreme and not appropriate for any vehicle to be parked outside. 

Trucks are not just easy to drive but are incredibly economical as well. Vans and RVs are bigger and heavier vehicles in general, making them more difficult to maintain with a lesser fuel efficiency per mile. 

The fuel cost, along with taxes and insurance policies imposed on larger vehicles, puts a great financial burden. New travelers may struggle with these costs as they don’t consider truck campers. Truck campers are, in fact, far more affordable and economical in every aspect. 

Disadvantages Of Short-Bed Campers 

Although short-bed campers provide a great range of better functionalities than their traditional competitors, it still might be insufficient in some areas for some travelers. 

Unlike vans and RVs, short-bed campers on long-bed trucks are not spacious and comfortable. You have very limited space to carry out tasks other than sleeping, making it unavailable for larger families who might want to travel together. 

As mentioned earlier, short-bed campers on trucks have a greater chance of going through accidents than vans and RVs as it requires proper installation, and a simple mistake may cause severe damage. 

Apart from that, most of the campers are found to be extremely heavy for trucks which causes great difficulty for the drivers to drive in places with uneven terrains. It increases the amount of risk of your camper sliding off. Not only it causes damage to your truck, but it also severely affects your fuel consumption by carrying extra weight. 


In general, you can make use of a short-bed camper and a long-bed truck together. You do not need to go for a long-bed camper if you already have a short one, as it can be installed on your truck and can be used as a compact way of traveling long distances. 

Having a camper truck rather than a van or an RV is a far better choice as it offers convenient transportation and economic facilities. You will need to compromise on your space, but a camper truck will surely give you everything you might need to go on adventures with maximum affordability. 


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