The Top 23 Teardrop Trailers You Can Get Under $6,900! 

Teardrop Trailers

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These compact, convenient, secure, and pocket-friendly mini-recreational vehicles, or teardrops as we call them, are a need of every outdoor enthusiast out there. They can be used during camping and for traveling. They can be regarded as an upgraded version of camping tents which were not secure and lacked the necessities. Although camping tents are much cheaper, teardrop trailers are worth the investment in the long run. 

Most teardrop trailers come with a bed, a restroom area, a stove, and a few drawers. As the price goes up, so do the features. Teardrop trailers can cost around $5000 to $20,000. But the cheapest one would still have all the requirements, so don’t worry if you are running on a tight budget. We are here to guide you through.

Let’s have a look at the most affordable teardrop trailers in the market:

Teardrop Trailers Under $6,900

  • Bushwacker Plus

This teardrop trailer is quite spacious and can accommodate bunk beds, making it perfect for big families. It has a shower area, a separate kitchen with a stove and water basin area, and a freezer. This trailer has a dining area where you can sit together as a family and enjoy your meal. There is a small living area with a sofa, where you can relax and watch TV. So basically, you have all the specifications of an RV van in a teardrop vehicle and at a very pocket-friendly price.

  • SoCal Buzz Off

This teardrop vehicle might be a bit on the expensive side, but if you want it, you can look for some second-hand options easily available online. It is best suited for those who like traveling on mountainous regimes. It’s lightweight (only weighing 670 lbs) and durable. It is designed to withstand uneven and rocky landscapes. It has a sleeping area with a mattress big enough to accommodate two adults, a 12-volt electric outlet, flip-down shelves, and electric brakes.

  • Timberleaf Kestrel 

This trailer is stylish, modern, lightweight, and affordable. It’s compact, which makes it easy to tow. Its structure is constructed out of steel, while the wheels are made of aluminum. It has two doors and two windows, along with a roof vent. There is enough room for two people to sleep together comfortably. The trailer has three LED lamps, two lamps for reading, and a single dome-shaped lamp at the foot end of the mattress. These lights are warm in color, which adds to the coziness of the environment. 

  • Oregon Trail’R Do-Drop

Oregon is a reputable brand in the traveling industry. Its trailers are high quality and worth the price. Having said this, its price still doesn’t cross the $6,900 mark. It has ample space to fit two adult people. For illumination, the trailer has an LED light. It is dome-shaped and powered by batteries. Although not made for traveling far, this vehicle is best for those who go to nearby areas for relaxation. 

  • Timberleaf Pika 

This great trailer is lightweight and durable. It’s made for rough terrain. It has big bulky tires for enduring rough, uneven terrains and enough space to accommodate 2 people easily. It might be a bit out of budget for some people, but you can always look for some decent second-hand options. 

  • Honey Badger’s Trailer

Honey Badger’s trailer is now obsolete as new upgrades are now available. It’s very affordable but does not have many striking points. The trailer is made of wood and can accommodate only 1 person at a time. 

  • Colorado Canyonland Teardrop Trailer

This Teardrop vehicle might seem a bit expensive to those who do not have sufficient financial resources. Nevertheless, it’s worth the price. It’s compact, user-friendly, spacious, and durable. The exterior is made of high-quality steel, which makes this trailer last long enough to be used by your grandchildren as well. Worth the investment, right? 

  • TrekkerTrailers Teardrop Masterpiece

TrekkerTrailers have very affordable and unique trailers. Its special feature is its outdoor kitchen which makes it perfect for camping trips. You can easily roast some marshmallows and have a good BBQ. If the temperature seems too high, you can also get an AC installed in it. The interior might seem small, but it can easily accommodate 1-2 persons. 

  • Peewee Campers Teardrop Trailer 

Their teardrop trailer is best for camping in the summer season. It has a fully functional pre-installed AC, a 120 V powering socket, and the option to get a fully functioning freezer. 

  • Peewee Campers Small Fry Trailer

This trailer can be regarded as the mini version of those mentioned above, but it’s more compact and can accommodate only one person. And it doesn’t have air conditioning. 

  • Retro Ride’s Mini Trailer

Retro Ride’s trailers can be regarded as the best camping trailers out there. They are durable and affordable. This trailer is painted so that it lasts longer and has two leveling jacks on the posterior side to help maintain the balance. It also comes with a hitch that helps to tow bikes along. 

  • Runaway Campers Teardrop Trailer

You can run away to a far distant site with this trailer. It is designed for hot trips like to the beach or desert areas. Moreover, it has a steel exterior, fiberglass sides, and central air conditioning available. It also has stabilizer jacks for more smooth traveling. 

  • Modern Runaway Campers’ Teardrop Trailer

This trailer is like the updated version of the above; it has more space, so it is better if you want to go camping with your family. You can have a mini-home in this spacious little space. 

  • Casual Turtle’s Teardrop Trailer

Although these Teardrop vehicles are not manufactured anymore, you can still get one in the ‘used-section’ area. These are wooden, old-fashioned trailers with moderate space. 

  • Teardrop Caravans’ Special Mini-Recreational Teardrop Trailer

This great small trailer has slide-open windows, an open roof, charging sockets, and a galvanized framework. It might seem bulky, but it is long-lasting and affordable. 

  • Hiker Trailers Royale Trailer 

This trailer has some great features, a 110 V power source, a shelf light, and a wooden interior design are just some of them. It is quite spacious and can accommodate 2-3 people at one time. iCamp Elite is only 9 inches above ground level, which makes it very stable. The only drawback is that it won’t be stable on rocky terrains. 

  • iCamp Elite Travel Trailer

As the name indicates, this ‘elite’ trailer is on the expensive side. So if you are considering buying it but don’t have the resources, look for a second-hand option. It has aluminum tubing frames to keep it lightweight. It has fiberglass skin, and the best thing about it is that it doesn’t consume too much fuel. It has all the necessities a fancy teardrop trailer can accommodate, from a proper sleeping space to a shower.

  • Tiny Camper Company 4×8 Classic Sleeper

This trailer is best for those who have vehicles and like to tow their trailers. It’s small and compact, with a vertical space of only 46 inches. You can get this trailer if you often camp alone on the weekends or holidays. 

  • Sunset Park SunRay 109

This is yet another pocket-friendly and consumer-friendly vehicle. It is light, long-lasting, and comes with the feature of an outdoor kitchen. Sunset Park SunRay 109 is best suited for those who stay outside the entire time and go to the trailer for only sleeping or resting purposes. 

  • InTech Luna Rover

Do you like cooking when traveling? This is the trailer of your dreams. It has a huge kitchen on its backside, with the option of installing side tables. It has all the features of a fancy trailer. You can choose whichever size you like best, and it will have a kitchen at the back. The features will get more advanced if you upgrade to a better version. 

  • NuCamp Tab 320 S

This trailer is expensive, and buying a new one might not be the most affordable option. But if you like its features, you should try looking for a used one at a low price. NuCamp Tab 320 S is best suited for those who like to cook. It has the facility of having a stove with two burners and one water heater. It also has storage water coolers and a freezer. 

  •  Little Guy Max

This piece of beauty might not come under the $6,900 range brand new, but you can always look for some neat second-hand ones. It has the option of getting a roof rack or a rooftop installed. You can add solar panels to your trailer to aid your electrical needs. Little Guy Max is spacious, well-constructed, and durable. In short, it is worth the price. 

  • TC Teardrop Oasis

This trailer costs around $4,500. The new TC Teardrop Oasis has the basic commodities needed for camping and traveling to distant sites. If you go traveling now and then and don’t mind not having a refrigerator, AC, or electricity, then this is the trailer for you. 


Teardrop trailers are mini-homes with wheels. They have all the necessities required for traveling. No matter how small, every trailer has a sleeping space and a few drawers to store important traveling stuff. The more features you want, the more price you have to pay. If you’re into traveling and go camping quite often, you should invest in a good teardrop trailer. They are sturdy, durable, and comfortable. If you do not have the finances to afford a brand-new trailer, go for a second-hand option. 

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