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Tesla vehicles have completely changed how we interact with and think about electric vehicles. Electric vehicles were once thought to be inefficient modes of transportation. That line of reasoning has been fully disproved since Tesla cars first entered the market.

In addition to boasting a sleek, contemporary appearance, the Tesla Model S in Sport Mode can travel from an astonishing 0-to-60 mph in 2.5 seconds, and the Tesla Model S can cover 270 miles on a single charge. That is significantly different from what we typically anticipate from electric vehicles.

But what about the power source, especially in case of an emergency? 

This ridiculous thought may amuse you when you think about a towing generator for Tesla. After all, the idea of having a Tesla electric car is to avoid relying on fuel. Right? Therefore, why would you tow a fuel-powered generator behind to charge the vehicle?

Tesla Generator

If you need clarification about this subject matter, keep reading our post and find out whether or not this is a wise decision. 

Tesla Tows A Generator As A Backup

Is it possible for Tesla to use a towing generator and charge the car? Yes! It is possible to recharge a Tesla car with a tow generator. The generator can come in handy for emergencies like warming up chilly mornings. However, don’t forget that the increased weight will decrease the range of the car.

Like many other vehicles, there is no problem towing a generator for Tesla. Tow packages have been specifically created for the many Tesla models, such as Y, X, and 3. However, when you are doing so, don’t exceed this rating.  


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Why Does Tesla Use A Towing Generator?

The Tesla car works to be efficient by impacting the environment as little as possible because it requires solar energy to work. But what if you have to start your car early in the morning when there is no single ray of the sun over the horizon? In that case, how is the car going to start or drive? Everybody understands that EV and Tesla owners need another energy source during these big gaps. They need a charging station, but there are not enough in the country. 

So, to solve these problems, they have put forward this practical solution that has made car owners a laughing stock. The reason is that they are using a generator that is fuel powered to drive or charge a solar-powered car. Using fuel or gas will also pollute the environment, even if it is a backup plan. So this is not a reliable solution for this environmental crisis as the setup aids in creating more pollution.

How To Charge Tesla?

Tesla cars can easily pull a trailer or mount a generator on their trunk rack. You will require the following things to charge the Tesla with the generator:

  • The fuel required to start the generator. It can be fuel or gas.
  • You will require a 1500 W generator. And it can produce electricity with sine waves.

Once you have everything you need for the setup, start grounding the generator properly. When you start charging your Tesla, do it slowly, which means that when your generator has warmed up, set the lowest amp output first. Then add more power gradually using the monitoring system of the dashboard. If you try to do it quickly, it can damage that generator. So the first step would be to reach 25 to 30 amps slowly and then go to full power. It is very important to be patient and slow because it may take 24 hours to charge Tesla using a 4000-watt generator.

Disadvantages Of Towing Generator Behind Tesla

Tow Rating

A vehicle’s tow rating, also called the towing capacity, is the maximum weight the vehicle can pull. You can find this rating in your car’s user manual. You can check out the tow rating for the specific model of the Tesla car before towing a generator behind it.

Negative Impacts On The Range

Towing a generator with Tesla affects not only this rating but the range of your car also. Because the range depends upon the road conditions, speed, and the car’s weight, if you have more weight on the car, it will negatively impact the range of the car. However, if you use a tow generator behind the Tesla model that is in line with the company’s tow ratings, the car’s range will not be affected. For example, model 3 and model x can tow 2 thousand pounds and 5000 pounds, respectively.

Gas Powered Generator Is Dangerous

Another problem with towing a generator behind Tesla is that you also have to carry fuel with it. Carrying a gas-powered generator can be very dangerous compared to fuel or diesel-powered generators. 

Not Good For The Aesthetics

Towing a generator behind a Tesla car can significantly ruin the aesthetics and appearance of the vehicle. And it can be a big setback for people who only buy Tesla for its appearance and looks.

Is This Setup Efficient?

Since towing a generator decreases the car’s range and impacts the environment, it is not an efficient setup. In terms of efficiency, it would be better to own a hybrid car. It will save you from the ridicule of driving your car to a gas station and can come in handy in troubling gap times.

Tesla Generator


Can Tesla Car Be Charged With Diesel Generator?

Electric cars can be charged from many sources, such as diesel, petrol, or gas. These options come in handy in case of an emergency. 

One of the power generation sources for electric cars is the no longer cost-effective and reliable diesel. It was thought that charging an electric car with a diesel generator would consume more fuel than regular engines working on internal combustion. It is found that Tesla cars only require less diesel as compared to conventional cars.

How Much Weight Can A Tesla Tow?

Models Y and X can tow 3,500 pounds and 5,000 pounds, respectively. Model 3 can also tow; however, it is not currently permitted in the US.

Can We Use A Portable Generator For The Tesla Car?

A portable generator can be used to charge your Tesla car, but you need to keep these requirements in mind:

  •   Grounded power source.
  •   The generator is an inverter.
  •   Pure and clean sine wave.

Can You Use Solar Panels To Charge A Tesla?

Technically, solar panels of any size may be used to power / charge an electric vehicle like a Tesla. Unfortunately, doing this is not a realistic choice because these cars consume more energy than the amount provided by one solar panel if it absorbs 100 days of intense sunlight. You need many solar panels and continuous sunlight to get your car to start moving.

Is It Possible To Tow A Small Trailer With A Tesla That Has An Efficient Generator To Charge The Car For Longer Journeys?

There are two answers to this question. It is theoretically possible to charge a Tesla with a generator by towing it on a trailer. And many designs are also put forward to enable the user to attach a towable trailer. But the problem is that Tesla will not charge if it moves. Additionally, these cars don’t have a specific spot to attach trailers. However, these fixes are easy to make on the car. 

You can avoid all these inconveniences if you can locate a supercharger network that is specifically built to let your Tesla car charge efficiently to last on long trips.

Can You Drive A Tesla While Charging?

You cannot drive the Tesla when you are connected to the grid or when the charging cable is connected. If you do it, it will give you an error message to unplug from the grid and start the car again. However, you can charge the car while it’s moving by coasting or braking downhill. In this way, the electric motors act as a generator, and the motion of the car gets used to create electricity. As a result, the car will slow down and generate less speed than it usually generates. 

What Are The Consequences Of Overcharging Or Overheating A Tesla Car?

Well, you can rest assured because these two things are not going to happen with a Tesla car. The efficient battery management system makes it impossible to happen.

How To Check The Degradation Of Tesla Battery?

Honestly, the rate of decline is so low that you don’t need to stress about it. But if you are so concerned, you can check the distance traveled in miles as a percentage. This will give you a fair idea about the health of your battery.

Wrapping up!

While it is a wonderful initiative to protect the environment from toxic pollution, it would not be efficient if a fuel-powered generator were used to recharge the Tesla. It is a fascinating and doable task but not the best alternative to recharge your electric car.

Especially if you plan to go on long hauls, you may have to reconsider using your electric car like Tesla. Instead, gas-powered or hybrid vehicles can be a good option.


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