18 Best Travel Trailers Under $10,000



traveling is a passion of every individual who likes to seek thrill and adventure. Being outdoors in the wilderness of unknown landscapes can cause a burden on your pockets. RVs and trailers are often out of budget, yet traditional travelers have found the best options to impart on their journey. 

Let’s look at the top 18 travel trailers that you can get within $10,000 to pursue your aspiration. 

1.Coachmen Freedom Express Travel Trailer

Being number one, it is one of the most affordable trailers. It has a master bedroom with a queen bed and a smaller bedroom with a pair of bunk beds. This trailer is conveniently available in multiple sizes where they can accommodate families of 3 to 7 members. 

Coachmen freedom express has several models which offer many different floor plans. This trailer is at the top of the list, with a price tag of $10,000. You can also get your hands on the used ones if the brand-new ones are not available. 

2.. Jayco Jay Flight SLX

Jayco Jay is a really popular travel trailer brand and is undoubtedly the one that deserves your utmost attention. It is an outstanding choice if you want to invest in a sustainable traveling companion. 

It is an incredibly compact trailer, so it is one of the best options to purchase. The latest models of the Jayco Jay flight can easily accommodate 14 people, which would be an extravagant amount of space for most families. 

3. Lance Campers 650 Truck Camper

The Lance Campers 650 has an aluminum frame construction, which makes it very durable. If you plan to wander around in the rain, you can count on your Lance Camper. With a great number of cabinets and tinted windows, this RV also contains a tankless heater. 

4. Prime Time Avenger 16 RD

This camper is crafted in a way that offers extreme comfort. It comes with a queen-sized bed surrounded by some long cabinets. You can easily store all the food and clothing you need while traveling. The kitchen is a convenient one that comes with a microwave and refrigerator.

5. Forest River RV Flagstaff Tent

Forest River RV is an affordable travel trailer ideal for lightweight travelers. With it only being 2,200 lbs, it is controlled efficiently and is appropriately handled when you are driving. Being lightweight and offering a decent living space makes it an extremely popular travel trailer. However, it must be highlighted that it is a tent, and it would not have a significant impact against storms or heavy rains. 

6. Forest River Viking Express 9.0TD

At number 6 is another creation from Forest River. This one comes with a 5000 BTU air conditioner, making it the most suitable for the summer. With an outside grill, aluminum rims, and solar power hookup, this camper trailer becomes the best choice for you and your family if you’re looking for a leisurely experience.

7. Outbound Trailer Extreme

Starting at under $4,000, the outbound trailer extreme is cheap, making it the best choice for a single person or a couple. There is not much room inside as it only has a capacity of 2 people maximum. You would not be able to fit your large family with kids or pets, but for a very convenient price tag, you can get a great offer for a companion and yourself. 

8. Sunset Park RV Sunray 109

If you are a fan of outdoor cooking, Sunset Park RV is exactly the trailer you are looking for. It has a dry weight of just under 1500 lbs, making it easy to handle. This RV offers a great variety of colors for you to choose from. To achieve its ultimate objective, it comes with an air conditioner, a spare tire, and an accessible hot water unit.

9. Braxton Creek Bushwhacker 10SS

Another option for nontraditional cooks is the Braxton Creek Bushwhacker which comes with an external propane connector. It is a small trailer camper, making it easygoing, especially on off-road trips. One thing that stands out is the availability to connect portable solar panels and a generator to have a power backup. This helps in saving a great amount of energy for your RV. 

10. Helio RV HE3S Micro

This RV trailer is as tiny as its name suggests. It has a secluded interior design and weighs less than 500 lbs, making it pullable even with a tiny car. For shorter trips and when having a truck is not affordable, Helio RV is the way to go. It also offers appropriate ventilation for humid environments through its wide frameless windows. 

This RV trailer has a fiberglass-based construction along with an outdoor battery compartment. Fibreglass is a quality material that can be used conveniently to provide enough protection from harsh weather conditions. 

11. Forest River Rockwood GEO PRO G19FBS

The Rockwood Geo Pro from Forest River is an expensive trailer, but it is the price you would be paying for the most comfortable camping trip. This trailer is most suitable for longer trips and adventures. 

It includes fundamental features you would require on an exclusive tour, like large windows, a queen-sized bed, a full kitchen, and a bathroom with hot water. It can easily accommodate small families; however, it is ideal for a couple with a small pet or a baby since it only has one bed. 

12. Oregon Trailer Do-Drop

Starting at $8,500, Oregon Trailer Do-Drop is a super-compact set for solo campers and couples. It is ultra-portable and lightweight but not suited for rugged landscapes. Due to its limited size, you may face some difficulties. 

You would neither be able to carry a large tank of freshwater nor would you be able to get a shower as such a feature is unavailable. Buyers usually find the price too expensive for a rather small camper. Plus, the availability of similar-sized trailers for under $2,000 in the used market is equally useful. 

13. Riverside Retro Travel Trailer 509

Riverside Retro 509 is another lightweight travel trailer that can be carried by a small car. It is a much simpler trailer than any of those mentioned in the list. It would not provide comfort like others, but it would surely get the job done. 

This travel trailer has an air conditioning unit and a furnace, with some storage space at the top. There is also an option to cook outside at the back of the trailer, but you would have to use your own stove and sink. It is better to have a trailer that serves its purpose with a little compromise on your comfort. 

14. Keystone Springdale 1800BH

Keystone Springdale essentially requires a heavy vehicle to tow and carry around as it weighs around 3400 lbs. It is perfect for families as it consists of 2 sleeping bunks at the back of the trailer and ginormous counter space for coherent cooking and feeding. Not only that, but it also comes with a little dining area that makes the experience more enjoyable. 

15. Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro E15TB

If you are a seasonal traveler, you should not consider Flagstaff E-Pro from Forest River, as this RV is the perfect choice for those constantly living their lives on the wheels. A massive indoor kitchen with multiple stoves, a refrigerator, a sink, and plenty of cabinets can offer enough storage space for days. 

There is also enough space for outdoor cooking on this RV with a nice wide awning. However, if you prefer to stay indoors, you can use the dining area as well. The toilet in this RV trailer is small but accessible.  There is a shower for cleaning and washing purposes. It contains everything that you would need to live comfortably outdoors. 

16. Gulf Stream RV Ameri-Lite Super Lite 16BHC

This RV comes in a deal-breaker category. It has features that are not just useful but are also coherently designed to make RV life more flexible. Inside, the trailer has an air conditioning unit and a comprehensive power supply that can easily power a microwave. 

There are 2 bunks with side storage and windows, which can be covered by roll-down curtains to maintain privacy. The availability of an outdoor propane tank gives you a secondary option of cooking outside. It is one of the few RVs in which you would find a bath that is big enough for adults to use appropriately. 

17. Dutchmen Aspen 2260 RBS Trail Travel Trailer

At number seventeen is the huge Dutchmen Aspen which weighs around 5600 lbs. In overall size and available storage space, this RV surely lives up to its expectations. The power supply is maintained through power stabilizing jacks. The bathroom of this travel trailer is quite large, with a shower unit in there. 

The dining space is square-shaped with an adjustable dining table which enables the dining area to be used as the living room. The counter space and kitchen offer a great amount of space for the ultimate cooking experience. For an extended period of comfortable traveling experience, the Dutchmen Aspen surely deserves your attention. 

18. American Dream Trailer

If you have made it this far on the list, then you are surely in for a treat because at number eighteen is the American Dream trailer which offers its roof to be used as a boat, making it undoubtedly the most remarkable RV trailer on the list. 

It may not be the most comfortable one or the one that will give you the best outdoor living experience, but if you are the type of person who likes camping lakeside, this might be the best option to escape from the city. 

The interior is quite traditional and minimalistic without the most robust features. However, it is still included in this list because it is simple and inexpensive, yet it is the most unique and distinctive from the rest of the RVs. 

So, if you want to get out from the wear and tear of your day-to-day life and take advantage of the soothing waves by surfing or paddling, get a Dream trailer on the road and find the best spot by the shore. 


There is a great variety of camper trailers under $10,000 for you to choose from. If you find brand new campers out of your budget, you still can purchase from the used market, where secondhand campers are readily available for a much more reasonable price. All in all, the final decision rests upon you, your needs, and your overall budget.


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