Unleash the Fun Under the Stars: Best Outdoor Games for Camp Nights That Will Leave You Begging for More

Outdoor Games For Camp Nights


The most challenging part of traveling with kids is keeping them entertained, so they don’t get cranky while traveling. Although kids have screens to keep them busy in today’s modern world, we all know that is quite unhealthy, especially for teenagers. Having a set of outdoor games for camp nights planned for your travel nights is always a good idea. It will keep the kids busy and entertained and encourage them to play outside rather than being stuck to their screens. 

25 Outdoor Games For Camp Nights

1. Soccer 

Soccer, more commonly known as football, is one of the most popular outdoor games. Your kids must already be familiar with Leagues like FIFA and famous football players through their screens. However, playing soccer in person is much more fun. It involves running, which keeps the children fresh and encourages a night of good sleep. 

The best part of playing soccer with your kids is teaching them team-building and leadership skills. Football can be played even by two people. All you need is a ball, and you can mark your goal for an informal soccer session. This might encourage other kids around to join in and allow your children to socialize. 

2. Cornhole Bean Bag Toss

Cornhole bean bag toss is a great game for kids under 10. The game involves throwing bean bags through a hole in a plank. The planks are easily available on Amazon and Walmart and don’t take up much storage space. 

Another way to make this game more fun for your kids is by making tiny bean bags with them. You can use small-sized cushion pouches already sewn or just a cloth pocket, add some rice or fluff balls inside and sew them from all four sides. This can be a nice DIY to keep the kids busy and more involved in the game. 

3. Frisbee

outdoor games for camp nights for fun

We are all familiar with frisbee adventures. It’s a classic game and can be enjoyed by teens. Get a glow-in-the-dark frisbee from amazon to make the game more interesting and fun. This will make it much more fun to play with. 

4. Airsoft 

Airsoft, more commonly known as paintball, is the best outdoor night game. You can drive to an arena, meet new people and let your children make friends and memories while playing Airsoft. It will teach them team management, which can also be a great life skill. Airsoft is a great game and is relatively inexpensive, too. It can be enjoyed once or twice a month. 

5. Blob Tag 

We all are familiar with Tag as it’s a game most of us have enjoyed in our childhood. Blob tag is just a modern version of tag and is much more fun. It can be played by children of all ages. The game starts with one player being selected as the Blob. As the Blob tags other members, each tagged member joins hands and tag other players together. It is more fun to play and can be played anywhere. 

6. Photography 

Photography is the best outdoor activity when you’re on a trip. It allows you to explore your surroundings and potential while spending some time in nature. You don’t need a fancy camera or tripods etc. Go on a hike with your teenagers and snap memories with them. These will forever remind you of the great times you spent together and can also be a good nighttime activity. 

7. Water Balloon Fight 

So if you’re traveling during summer, a water fight is the best option to have a fun games night with your children. All you need are some water balloons or water guns. Make teams with your children and let them enjoy themselves while splashing water balloons on each other. It is super fun and cost-effective. 

8. Flashlight Tag

Flashlight tag is another way of playing hide and seek but at night. To make it more interesting and fun, carry a flashlight and spot other team members with it. This makes the game more fun and interactive as well. 

9. Volleyball

If you are camping near the sea for a night, playing volleyball is a must. Most beaches have a net and court for visitors to enjoy. You can also spray paint the ball to make it glow during the night and play with your family and friends. 

10. Red Light – Green Light 

Red light and green light is a popular games played by kids worldwide. It can be played by younger kids. Red light means stop, while green light means running towards the finish line. This is a great outdoor game that many kids have enjoyed over the years. 

11. Tracker 

Trackers is a game usually played by teenagers. It involves a lot of running and is a good game before bed. It involves one player protecting the home base while others try to catch it. It has a few rules you can add if you want to make it more challenging. 

Kan jam is also a nice relaxing game to play with kids outdoors. All you will need is a bucket and a tennis ball or any softball. Kids will have to aim at each other’s bucket and try to throw the ball in it. This game is fun, teaches patience, and is a great way to make memories. 

12. Catch The Corner Spot

Corner spot is the best fun activity for all ages. It can be played on any open ground. You have to assign corners to all members while one gets to be in the loop. The one in the loop will try to score a spot on one of the corners while other players change around the corners with other members. This game is super fun, will make everyone laugh, and will make them tired enough for a good night’s sleep. 

13. Hot Seat

If you’re on a friend’s trip, this game must be played. It will help you make friends and have a good time with other people on the trip. One person out of the group sits on the hot seat and has to answer 2-3 questions without lying. The questions can be made interesting, and the game will get more and more fun for all.

14. Scavenger Hunt 

Prepare a scavenger hunt if you want to go above and beyond on outdoor games adventures. Treasure hunts in the mountains or the beach are much more interesting as everyone is unaware of the area around them. You can explore the area with your friends while looking for clues and taking pictures. It is a great way to spend time outdoors with kids. 

15. Tug Of War 

outdoor fun

Tug of war is yet another great outdoor game for all ages. All you need is a rope and two teams pulling each end. The team that gets pulled over the line loses while the other wins. It’s a great game and can be played with kids too. 

16. Making S’mores

Another fun activity to enjoy around the campfire at night is to make smores. All you need are marshmallows, chocolates, and a few crackers. This is, without a doubt, the best way to have your dessert before bed. Outdoor games

17. Twister

Twister is a great game to teach tactics and balance to your kids. You will need a twister mat that won’t take up much space, and you can play the game anywhere with your kids or friends. 

18. Wink Murder 

Wink Murder is a nice game if you don’t want to run around and enjoy the campfire. After a draw, one player becomes the killer and one the detective, while others play the victim role until the detective figures out who the killer is. The killer can wink at victims while avoiding the detective. It is a nice calming game to enjoy with your kids. 

19. Ghost Stories 

This is my favorite way of spending nights in the mountains. Sharing ghost stories and tales from childhood with your kids and friends is a great way of bonding and getting to know each other. It is always fun and encourages everyone to interact as well. 

20. Simon Says 

Simon says it is a nice game to keep the kids busy and entertained during trips. One person becomes Simon and says commands like “Simon says clap your hands,” while others follow the actions. This will keep the kids busy and happy before bed. 

21. Cats Cradle

outdoor fun


Cats cradle is an old game that uses a string or thread to make different shapes. It is best played between two members. You can explore more shapes with your kids and teach them how to make these. 

22. Freeze Dance 

Freeze dance is another fun outdoor game to play with kids. Play the music and let everyone dance like crazy and turn into statues as soon as the music stops. Whoever moves and laughs during this gets out of the game. 

23. Pass The Parcel

Pass the parcel is another music game we all played during our childhood. It involves passing an object while the music plays. Whoever has the parcel when the music stops has to do a dare or answer a question honestly. This game is fun, and you can also jam along to the music to fully enjoy the moment. 

24. Kho-Kho

Kho-kho is an old Indian game played between two teams. One team runs around while the other team stands in a straight line and tries to catch the other members. The game has a few rules, which makes it even more fun and challenging. It can be played anywhere on open ground and is a fun way to spend time outdoors. 

25. Guess The Movie

Guess the movie is a fun acting game where one member acts on the actions of a movie name while others try to guess it. The acting part is always fun and will help kids explore a new skill.


These games are a great way to spend interactive and quality time with kids or even with friends. It will help you create memories to cherish forever. These games also make them tired, so they sleep peacefully through the night. However, don’t forget to stay safe and warm on your trip to enjoy a new adventure every day! 


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