Walmart Tire Installation Costs Revealed! How to Get Your Car Rolling for Less


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Let’s discuss Walmart tire installation costs in detail.

Walmart is one of the finest solutions and a huge vendor for purchasing automobile parts, accessories, other daily usages, and consumables products/items. Their products are comparatively cheaper than other supermarkets and competitors. 

Most customers prefer marts to fulfill their shopping needs because it saves time and customers get various products under a single roof. 

A car is one of the necessities nowadays, and people living far away from highways need their cars or bikes for commuting purposes. However, maintenance is one of the pivotal parts of cars. Keeping this in view, replacing your tires is a key part of taking care of your automobile. 

Tire manufacturers recommend replacing your vehicle tires in time for your car’s life and avoiding severe accidents. Typically it’s been suggested to change your tires after a predefined period or on a kilometer basis. But considering the rough weather in some countries, tires might need to be replaced before time. 

When it comes to purchasing tires, pricing, quality, reliability, efficiency, and durability, make a huge difference. There are a lot of tire manufacturers and suppliers available offering good quality products. 

Hence, picking the best quality tires is challenging for most people. Walmart tires are of great worth. It has 11,500 stores in 27 countries and over 2500 auto care centers making it convenient to buy tires at reasonable rates.

 Moreover, Walmart offers high-quality Michelin rubber to budget-friendly tires with affordable installation packages that can also satisfy bargainers. Walmart has all kinds of tires, including car, bike, and tractor tires.

Most tires generally have a lifespan of 5 to 10 years in general. However, tires get a huge amount of strain depending on driving, climate and weather, conditions and surfacing of the road, driving style, poor maintenance, usage, and other factors. 

Sometimes, tires destroy sooner, and sometimes they destroy later. Let’s discuss Walmart tire installation costs in detail.

Charges Of Walmart

Walmart tire services are not wallet-breaking. Tires purchased from Walmart can be installed at the Walmart care center for around $17 per tire, which means it will cost $68 for basic installation on four tires. The installation of tires is under the supervision of skilled professionals. 

Once installed, they make a test drive for the vehicle to ensure it’s the best fit, including wheel balancing. Walmart offers great deals on installation services for the tire that help you to enjoy discounts. Walmart offers free air privileges to Sam’s club members but not to every customer with loyalty points. 

Costs Breakdown :

Installation Of Basic Tire :

This initial installation costs 8$, which depends on the kind or sort of tire, and does not include balanced tire and tire valves.

Rotation Of Tires : 

This costs around $35 and depends on the kind of tire. 

Substitution Of Tire 

 This costs around $110 and also depends on the kind of tire.

Packages For Installing Tires


The standard package comprises:

  • Mounting of tires.
  • Fifty miles twisting and turning.
  • Valve plunger.
  • Services package for monitoring tire pressure, balance, and revolving.

Prices for this deal are $15 for each tire in case it’s purchased from Walmart and $10 for more tires.


The valuable package comprises:

  • Mounting tires.
  • Fifty kilometers of twisting and turning.
  • Valve plunger.
  •  Risk of roads guarantee.
  •  Monitoring tire pressure package, balancing of tire lifetime, and revolving the tire.

This deal is $25 for each tire, which is only applicable for tires purchased from Walmart.

Tire Services Walmart Offer:

  1. Tire mounting (specialty) costs $10 per tire.
  2. Work-life fit / Revolving price is $15 per tire.
  3. Risks and dangers of road guarantee price are $15 per tire.
  4. Locating valve stems price is $4 per tire.
  5. The service of the first tire (without tube) price is $10 per tire.
  6. Ascending tire (Carry) –costs $15 per tire.
  7. Revolving of the tire is $7 per tire.
  8. Changing wheel nuts is $5.6 per lug nut.
  9. Monitoring of tire pressure, no charges.
  10. Fifty kilometers twisting and turning with no charges. 

If you are planning to purchase a tire from Walmart and have it delivered to a care center for installation, you will need to call and make an appointment in which you schedule a time to take your car there. 

The Average Cost And Installation Costs Per Tire:

  1. Walmart’s average purchasing cost is $102, and the average installation cost is $15.
  2. Costco’s average purchasing cost is $165, and the average installation cost is $14.
  3. The tire rack’s average purchasing cost is $161, and the average installation cost is $24.
  4. Lee Schwab’s average purchasing cost is $179, and the average installation cost is $ 22
  5. Discount tire’s average purchasing cost is $144, and the average installation cost is $19
  6. Americas tires average purchasing cost is $167, and the average installation cost is $21 
  7. Amazon’s average purchasing cost is $110, and the average installation cost is $22
  8. Sam’s club’s average purchasing cost is $139, and the average installation cost is $15
  9. Goodyear auto service’s average purchasing cost is $161, and the average installation cost is $25.

Types Of Walmart Tires

Summer Tires: 

As the name suggests, summer tires are designed for warmer climates. Their rubber provides quality grip for vehicles in both dry and wet conditions. Summer tires are great when achieving fuel efficiency and sharpness. But on the other, it gets stiff when the temperature goes up and results in lower traction. Such kinds of tires are normally used in the Middle East and other warm-weather countries.       

Winter Tires:

In comparison to summer tires, winter tires are built to work in weather where the temperature is cold. Some countries have very low temperatures with snowy conditions; winter tires are mostly suggested for this. Likewise, summer tires’ rubber gets stiff while winter tires remain soft. It improves the performance of the car while driving and completes the grip. 

All-Season Tires:

Both of the above categories of tires are specially designed for strict weather conditions. On the other hand, some countries have normal weather conditions. 

If the weather is unpredictable, like half of the year is colder and a half has summers, these tires will be the best choice. If the customer is facing a problem choosing the type of tire, it’s suggested to go for year round tires as it is cost-friendly and readily available. 

Run-Flat Tires:

Keeping proper pressure of air in tires is vital. If a customer purchases good quality tires, but it’s not maintained for pressure, the tires will burst or get damaged after some time. 

Keeping in view, these tires can be run even though they have no pressure and are flat. It has a wide edge in comparison to the other tires. The drawback of these tires is that they cannot be repaired and have to be replaced. 

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Maintenance Of Flat Tire At Walmart

Flat tires can also be repaired at Walmart, bought from Walmart, or outside. It costs $12 for a flat repair and usually consists of a damaged tire. For fixing the flat tubeless tire, $15 per tire is charged. The prices differ according to the maintenance.

Deal On Walmart Tires

Multiple deals are available for those who purchase tires from Walmart. Walmart tires come with competitive market prices, and you must select which deals best fit you and your car. 

Walmart also promotes coupons and discounts online, so keep an eye on it. April and October are the months in which there is high value for exchanging seasonal tires and purchasing new ones, and Walmart offers discounts and deals in these months.

The best way to buy a tire is when the seasonal sale is going on, not when you get your tire damaged. Sign up for the newsletter of Walmart for the update about their seasonal sales, and it is the best time to purchase. 

Cost To Mount And Balance 4 Tires

The cost to mount and balance 4 tires at Walmart is $60, including tire rotation and tax. So it is a bonus if you balance your tires from Walmart. 

Tire installation requires more than easily trading one set of tires for another and ensuring the tires are correctly mounted on the wheels and balanced. However, in some cases, wheel alignment is also included in tire change.

Costing Of Tires  

The cost of tires is based on unlimited factors; the main factor is the quality you are getting. For example, if you want high-performance or heavy-duty tires, they will cost you more than a set of economy graders. 

It isn’t easy to estimate, but entry-level and budget-friendly tires for many passengers cost between $50 to $150 each. Meanwhile, good-quality mid-tier tires would likely be set between $100 to $300 each. At the same time, specialty tires can easily be at least $ 300 or sometimes upward of $1000 each. 

Choosing Good Quality Tires

When choosing good quality tires, comfort is the main feature to ponder. Primary tires are expensive, and a guarantee of tire durability is the primary factor an individual should look into when seeking a high quality tire. 

It varies in accordance with the automobile you mount. Vehicles that show off extra care and have high speed have slighter tire longevity compared to normal vehicles. 

For instance, diverting your car tires from a huge circumference productive to normal adventurous tires may give you a smooth and peaceful ride and will also turn your mood happy. 

Summer tires and all-season tires allow more grasp to the vehicle in damp and brittle circumstances but at the cost of the assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Walmart Change Brakes?

Regrettably, Walmart AutoCare center does not provide a brake changing facility comprising brake checks, brake pad substitution, etc. But you can still buy brake parts at Walmart if you are willing to work for a smaller amount. 

Usually, car brakes will last between 25000 and 60000 kilometers for most users, but some may last even longer if they are cared for.

Brake pads are normally between 30000-35000 miles. In unchallenging scenarios, as on highways driving in low traffic brakes may last 80000 kilometers or more. 

The amount to replace brake pads is between 80$ and 120$ per axle. Depending on the car’s axle, some cars have two axles. 

Does Walmart Have Return Policy And Warranty For Tires?

According to Walmart rules and regulations, most tires that have never been installed and are new can be paid back to the customer service center. Unfortunately, Walmart stores that do not have tire centers cannot accept returns, you cannot return tires by mail, and you have to visit them. 

The tires used are non-replaceable, and even snow tires are not accepted. 

Walmart provides a road hazard warranty for $10 per tire. This price is included in the value tire installation package, and the warranty is only available for the tires bought from the store or online from Walmart. This warranty envelops unseen road hazards, flat repairs, and free replacement of no repairable tires within the first 25% of stride.

If you are not fulfilled with the ordered tires, you can have the time 90 days from the day you have a pickup. If the tires are shipped directly to your home, you have to deliver them properly to Walmart’s location. 

Final Thoughts

Walmart also offers customers the lowest and most pocket-friendly prices without compromising the quality of products and services. Customers can buy online through their eCommerce website or by visiting their authorized stores.

They also provide yearly or as per company policy warranty for the tires, which gains the client’s trust and builds a healthy B2C *business to client) relationship. 

Installation costs are also very low in comparison to other stores. Moreover, customers get a single solution for buying and fixing tires from Walmart. Even if you have any problem after installation, you can get it fixed or replaced if the user is unsatisfied.

You cannot get a one-time installation service from Walmart, and you must change it after some time. Thus, if you have bought a tire from Walmart, you have to pay $15, and if you want to purchase from outside, you have to pay $25, so it is better and beneficial to buy from Walmart so that you can save your money and it’s more beneficial to purchase from Walmart’s deals and coupons. Walmart gives free delivery on the same day at some locations and free shipping to some stores. 


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