What Is The Longest Travel Trailer?

Travel trailers are made to accommodate you and your family on adventurous trips. If you’re a big family with kids and teens, there are numerous options for you to choose from. Let’s look at the longest travel trailers and what they offer.

The longest travel trailer available for purchase is the Jayco Eagle 334 DORK. This article will further tell you about the details of the Jayco Eagle and the runner-ups in the list of longest travel trailers. 


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Top 5 Longest Trailers For Families 

  • Jayco Eagle 334DORK


Price: $52,000

Size: 41 ft 2″

Vehicle Weight: 11,995 pounds 

Detailed Description 

This enormous travel trailer has more to offer than you can imagine. The Jayco Eagle 2021 trailer is not only the longest but also the heaviest travel trailer. It weighs around 11,995 pounds and stretches to 41 feet and 2 inches from front to back. To support the massive weight, it has 5800-pound massive axles. 

The tires on this thing are 16 inches and e-rated. You can easily update them at any time. The exterior of the trailer gives a very classy and sleepy look. It has a ground control auto leveler on a 12-inch i-beam frame to support the giant structure. 

Looking at the features and accompanies that this trailer comes with. There is a place for 2 propane can of around 30 pounds each. It also has an automated smart jack and an auto leveler to make it easy to hitch and unhitch.

The interior layout of this amazing travel trailer feels like a luxury hotel room, with many features and tiny details that add to the overall look. There is a huge TV and four super comfortable sofa seats that can convert into beds—a wide kitchen space and a kitchen island. The air conditioning inside is whispering and is also functional. 

There are ample storage cabinets inside as well. The floor plan is one of the best ways to make a travel trailer look spacious and just like a home. There is a bathtub and a fully equipped bathroom. 

The best feature of this travel trailer is the spacious bedroom with a king-size bed and a wide wardrobe. To top it all off, the trailer’s roof can also be the perfect spot to enjoy sunsets. 

The entire trailer is purpose-built and has all the features of a fifth-wheel vehicle. The price is justified with the space and quality of work you enjoy. 

Storage Space 

The entire trailer is filled with storage spaces from front to back. To ensure safety and quality, the baggage doors are made with high-quality material which is dense and easy to lift. 

It has a water heater, furnace, 50A connection, upgraded suspension, a walk-on roof, led lighting, and 4 slides for easy access to storage units. 

  • K-Z Sportsmen 362BH: Second Longest Trailer 


Price: $35,000 

Size: 40ft & 9″

Vehicle Weight: 10,469 Pounds

Detailed Description 

After Jayco, second in line is the K-Z Sportsmen 362BH. This travel trailer is just 1 foot smaller than the real deal: Jayco. It is around 40 feet and 9 inches in length and weighs around 10,460 pounds. However, there is a major price difference between Jayco and KZ. Only the BH floor plan falls in the list of longest travel trailers. 

This trailer’s best part is the other end’s main bedroom. The bedroom opens the door to the outside, allowing more light and space into the room. It has a king-size bed with under-the-bed storage, a wide wardrobe, and a vanity area. The trailer also has onboard batteries and three huge water gallons. 

This travel trailer layout is perfect for families with kids with extended travel plans. It is well equipped and has almost all the features similar to that in Jayco at a much lower price. You can also upgrade a few features, for instance, adding a fireplace, etc., according to your travel requirements while still staying within the budget. 

Storage Space

The layout is spacious and well-equipped, with a wide storage space and an outside sliding door. The interior slightly resembles the Jayco. However, this particular travel trailer will give you and your kids a little more privacy with its rooms. The first room has three beds, a mini dining area, storage cabinets, and windows. The trailer has wide counter space, a dining area, and a full-size refrigerator. The bathroom, however, is less equipped than in Jayco. Although it has all the necessary amenities and is slightly more spacious, it has a tiny sink and a small shower area. 

  • Gulf Stream TrailMaster Special Edition 33DBDB


Price: $35,000 

Size: 40ft & 8″

Vehicle Weight: 1,747 pounds 

Detailed Description 

The Gulf TrailMaster 33DBDB is a special edition and comes third in line with the longest travel trailers ideal for families. This one is very similar to KZ Sportsmen. The size and price are almost the same. However, the layout features are a bit different in each trailer. Let’s look at the floor plan and layout of Gulf Stream TrailMaster 33DBDB. 

Apart from having countless cool features, the wide-sized front window makes the design of this trailer stand out. This screen mirror makes it easy to spot in any parking lot. However, the layout is what makes this camper different from the KZ Sportsmen and also from Jayco. 

This travel trailer has two full-sized bedrooms on either end. Both rooms have a queen-sized bed, ample storage space under the bed, and inside cabinets. The bedroom is very spacious and has a washer and dryer space. There are two bathrooms in each bedroom, which is why this design is quite popular among friends and couples. It gives personal space and a shared dining area to interact and have fun on your trip. 

The open living area and side-out kitchen add up to the value of this travel trailer. There is plenty of storage space and a wide entertainment unit as well. The sofas in the living space can also be converted into beds if you’re expecting guests, and more features can also be added according to your travel requirements. 

The Gulf Stream TrailMaster is an amazing travel trailer. It is long and has all the features of a well-equipped RV. This trailer is perfect for people traveling and needing their personal space. 

  • Jayco Jay Flight 38 BHDS


Price: $33,000

Size: 40ft & 6″

Vehicle Weight: 10,950 pounds. 

Detailed Description 

Jayco is an expert in building the top quality and longest travel trailers. The Jayco Jay Flight is just a few inches smaller than the third-longest travel trailer. Like in the Gulf Stream TrailMaster, this travel trailer also has a wide glass sliding door with a screen. The trailer has two super spacious bedrooms. The master bedroom has a king-sized bed, while the other has a queen-sized one.

Moreover, each bedroom has its air conditioning unit. This makes it perfect for small families with extended travel plans. Both bedrooms have tons of wardrobe space for storage and easy access to all the compartments. 

The trailer has electric jacks and bigger propane tanks. There is a 10-gallon water heater and a strong exterior body shell. The backside of the trailer is a shade and a picnic table for outdoor adventures: this feature is absent in the top four longest travel trailers. The electric stabilizers are also super helpful when parking on a rough road. Another useful feature in this trailer is the air vent above the kitchen stove. 

The interior of the Jayco Jay Flight is super spacious with a unique layout. With two bedrooms along with a sliding door on each. You can also order a layout with bunk beds if you have kids. The kitchen counter is also unique, with spacious cabinets. The living area has a nice entertainment unit and a huge dining area that converts into a bed. Looking at the trailer’s interior, a fireplace is already added in the living area. 

In the other versions, adding a fireplace has an extra cost. Overall this travel trailer is perfect for families with camping plans, as it has all the features needed for camping off the grid. It is a budget-friendly option for families. 

  • Forest River Cherokee 324TS


Price: $30,000

Size: 40ft & 5″

Vehicle Weight: 11,365 pounds 

Detailed Description

The Forest River Cherokee and its 324TS layout is the fifth-longest travel trailer. This trailer is the cheapest on the list, priced at $30,000, although the size difference is just a few inches. Like the other top travel trailers, this camper has two bedrooms, and the living area is wide. The other end of the trailer has a bunk space and four single beds. 

The kitchen and living spaces have a unique floor plan that makes them look as spacious as the longest travel trailer. The trailer also has two entrance doors similar to Jayco Jay Flight. The kitchen has all the necessary features, including a mini fridge, stove, cabinets, and a full-size sink. This travel trailer might be smaller in size, but it has all you need to enjoy a peaceful night after a day of camping. 


Is Storage Space In A Trailer Important?

If you’re traveling with kids, space does matter a lot—especially storage space. The Jayco trailers have the most storage space compared to other trailers. However, if you don’t have a heavy tow truck, you will have to consider the weight of your camper, as these heavy-weighing vehicles require trucks to pull them on highways. 


Our list’s top five longest travel trailers are all equally efficient, and our purpose is built for families. They all allow full customization of what you want to add or remove. Each trailer has its specs. You can choose your trailer according to the living space your family needs for an easy and comfortable travel adventure. 


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