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Honda generator


A generator is an invention of the 21st century. Since everything around us has become electronic, we cannot function without a power supply. With the introduction of portable generators, small-scale outdoor events can be pulled off successfully. Generators ensure that our events run smoothly and we don’t have to face any embarrassment in front of our guests. There are tons of other benefits of having a portable generator.

The Best Generators You Can Get

While there are numerous industries out there that manufacture Generators, one stands out far and beyond. The name is Honda! The generators constructed by Honda are sturdy, durable, and cost-effective. Their industrial generators know how to get the job done. The innovations reduce voltage instability and increase power. 

Honda Industrial Series Generators provide full-generator ground-fault circuit interrupter and neutral bond protection that complies with Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s regulations. Additionally, they offer a 3-year long warranty on commercial and rented generators. 

What is a 50 AMP Generator Capable of Powering? 

50 AMP is equivalent to 12,000 Watts of Power. This power is capable of running numerous air conditioning devices, Television sets, and lights. If you live in a big house and are thinking of buying a 50 AMP Generator, then it’s not a bad option since it will properly run all your electrical devices. 

What are Honda’s Best 50 AMP Generators? 

While Honda has a complete range of generators, the best ones included in the 50 AMP power slot are the following two:

  1. EB5000

  • It is cost-effective and costs around $2899.
  • It can provide 5000 Watt power that can run many electronic devices simultaneously. 
  • It has a complete Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter power code. 
  • It ticks all the boxes of safety requirements necessary for a generator. 
  • It can function for up to 10 and a half hours straight without any problem.
  • It has advanced security features that can detect high levels of Carbon Monoxide in the air and let the users know. 
  1. EB6500

  • With a powerful power supply of 6500 Watts, this generator can light up almost anything. 
  • It has voltage settings of 120/240.
  • It generates 7000 Watts of power for about 10 seconds to start supplying larger devices. 
  • It has the full GFCI protocol. 
  • It matches the requirements of OSHA as well. 
  • It can run for a very long duration, up to almost 10 hours, with no gap in between. 
  • It has a carbon monoxide detection system installed, which is an extra security feature that is very important for safety purposes. 

Selecting the Right Honda Generator 

As daunting as it might seem, selecting the right generator according to your needs isn’t quite an uphill task. We are here to guide you through your selection process. We have categorized the important features that must be carefully examined before making the final decision. 

  • Power Calculation

We have made a wattage calculator to help you add up the power supply you need. This will help you in deciding the correct watts you require. It has the values of all the equipment found commonly at homes and workplaces. 

  • Noise production

All Honda Generators are not the same, some are good, and others are even better. But as with every other generator, Honda Generators can also produce a certain amount of noise. You should go through the features area and see how many sounds you can tolerate.

  • Home Standby Generator or A Mobile Generator

If you want a generator for your home, you can choose both a stand-by one or a portable one. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Weigh them out before making your decision. 

  • Manage your Power Consumption 

Decide what you want to run on your Generator. Make sure you do not buy a less or a more power watts Generator. A low-power generator will not run your appliances correctly, while a high-power generator might damage them. 

Advantages of Having a Portable Generator 

  • Power Source

One cannot risk always lacking electricity if their company offers services to the public, particularly during extreme weather. First, emergency personnel and healthcare teams may treat patients with high-quality care by utilising the most up-to-date technology with the help of mobile generators. 

These are potentially life-saving equipment within medical centers. Furthermore, if your company doesn’t provide a necessary service, you still wouldn’t want to lose time or money in the event of an unexpected power failure. 

  • Power For Equipment

During the modern tech era, we rely heavily on laptops and smartphones to do office tasks; even when we don’t, these gadgets are a part of our daily lives. An electricity loss might be brief or persist for hours, leaving individuals living in their homes with no choice but to figure out ways to kill time. You may easily use a compact generator for running laptops, bulbs, or flat screens, enabling you to comfortably endure any downtimes.

  • Tools With Power

While possessing a backup generator may sound like the best way to ensure that you have electricity in an emergency, there are other situations where owning one is beneficial. A rechargeable generator is practically the best option for construction companies on a site who have to use electronic tools. 

The generator’s portability is useful in this situation since it makes moving it between different places very simple. Additionally, generators help complete building projects work at night because they can easily produce electricity and the necessary visibility for the task as well as supply power for instruments.

  • Uses For Entertainment

Portable generators are easy to use, making them a wonderful asset for any outdoor adventure. A portable generator can be used on a family vacation to power a mini-fridge or to provide light at night. 

Moreover, because we live in a technologically advanced world, it can be hard to go camping or on a long road trip without having access to work emails or communicating with coworkers. A portable generator eliminates this worry by easily powering computers and tablets. 

  1. Avoiding Destruction 

Going for a vacation can be disastrous if any electricity shortcut occurs behind your back. However, with generators, you don’t have to work on this. Generators work only when the main supply gets interrupted. They aren’t turned on the entire time. Plus, they are automatically connected. 

Generators can run submersible pumps, saving you from returning back home to a house full of water. Moreover, they keep all the required kitchen equipment functional, keeping the food items fresh and eatable. 

They are capable of keeping the HVAC system up and running to prevent a decline in your home’s indoor air quality while it’s locked up. If you reside in a tropical region, having your HVAC operational will prevent mold and mildew from propagating inside your home.



What Should be the Size of Your Portable Generator? 

While you can find many generators, choosing one that suits your needs is key. You need to understand where you will be using the generator. If you require one to create a backup at your home, you must buy at least a 5000 Watt generator. on the other hand, if you are looking for a small generator for an outdoor trip, a small 2000 Watt generator would suffice your needs.

Generator wattage is calculated to determine your electricity requirements. It is better to ask for professional advice if you don’t have proper knowledge of wattage sizing. They will inquire where you intend to use your generator and determine the necessary watts. The ideal portable generator will then be suggested based on your unique requirements.

How to Safely Connect a Generator to Your Home? 

Once you have chosen a generator for your home taking care of all the aspects mentioned above, the next step is deciding on the connection. Safely connecting a generator is extremely important. We cannot put enough emphasis on the importance of this. 

You can connect your generator with either a transfer switch or extension cables. Both are readily available; however, it is best if a professional install it first and you observe. You can learn how to operate this way. 

A transfer switch or a power transfer system is a better option as it is safer, more convenient, and produces more power. It works by transferring the power from the generator to the circuit instead of directly to the appliances. In this way, all your appliances remain safe and secure. Furthermore, they can provide electricity to hard-wired systems such as ACs, security alarms, etc. 

Extension wires or cords are cheap but not as safe as transfer wires. Plus, they cannot transfer the generator’s full power output. Using extension cables can be time-consuming and dangerous, particularly during a shutdown or a severe thunderstorm. In addition, installing a cable with incorrect diameter, improper length, or worn output users at risk for jolt and explosion.




Generators are a need of the century. They keep your house lit even during a power breakdown, make outdoor events more successful, and prevent disasters. There are many companies out there that manufacture generators, but Honda is at the top. Its 50 AMP generators can run ACs, TV, and other electrical devices smoothly for long continuous hours.  



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