How Much Does a Toyota Tacoma Camper Cost?

The Toyota Tacoma, with its classy appearance and sturdy features, is an absolute powerhouse. A rock crawler in a true sense, this vehicle is designed with special TRD-tuned variants. In this article, we will discuss in detail the features owned by the stunning Toyota Tacoma Camper and its cost and other aspects.


The General Cost of a Toyota Tacoma

The cost of a Toyota Tacoma Camper starts at roughly around $285,000. It varies with every model of the Toyota Tacoma and is subject to even more changes based on the features you opt to have in your Camper. The later generations’ upgraded versions can cost roughly $325,000. 

To add on, Toyota even offers its purchasers BCTs built on choice costing more than $100,000. If a new camper costs you a fortune, you can opt for the older versions on the market. Even though they are used, the strength of these engines is still good to go. This is why a used camper for sale would be available for around $2000.

Cab-High Camper Shells

Toyota also provides an alternate option of switching the Toyota Tacoma Camper with a cab-high camper shell. This type of camper shell is designed so that it fits snugly with the truck’s cab. Although this option has its merits, a major drawback is the poor fuel economy. This is mainly because the shell is higher than the truck’s cab in height. Other than that, the following points are worth considering about a camper shell.

Reasonable Cost

The main reason cab-high camper shells are popular is their economical price. The cab-high shells are mostly built out of fiberglass. A metal frame covered by a fabric is the usual go-to in manufacturing them. These materials make it very inexpensive and popular.


Once you hit the roads with the intent of spending days on it, the space available in your cab-high shell makes a colossal difference to how great your trip is. Most camper shells come equipped with only necessities. 

Better versions have other amenities, such as a kitchen sink, a bathroom, a hot shower, and a sleeping space, which are a must-have if you often travel with children. Traveling in a group or with a family means that the inside of the camper is where your focus should lie.

Roof Racks Can be Your Budget Saver

The cab-high camper shells are still too pricey for some people, despite their economical price. If that is the case for you, most Tacoma users have come up with a new budget-friendly feature: adding a roof rack. 

This inexpensive ingredient is the key to making most Tacoma users increase their storage capacity without being heavy on the wallet. It also enables you to alter the required size as you wish. 

Available in a wide array of designs, the roof racks can add a sleek look to your Tacoma while giving you additional carrying space for luggage without worrying if it would fit in your car. The roof racks also help save the seat of a passenger without having them compromise on their comfort. 

Make Sure You Save Well For Your Camper Shell

Once you are considering buying a cab-high camper shell, do make sure the camper shell you purchase is new. Investing in second-hand and used camper shells is not worth enough due to issues arising out of the blue such as fitting issues to the truck or problems with proper installation. 

A new cab-high camper shell costs around $3000, based on the version bought. The simplest utility shell crafted out of aluminum might cost you less than $1000. A custom-made fiberglass cab-high camper shell ranges between $2000-$3000, again subject to the chosen variant. 

Know What Suits You Best

The price of the camper ultimately depends on factors such as its weight, model, and the type of shell you opt for. The weight of the camper shell is directly related to the material it is manufactured with. Aluminum-based camper shells last and weigh lighter, while the fiberglass ones are heavier than the aluminum ones but much sturdier.

Make sure the material of the camper shell you purchase suits your needs well. For instance, a basic aluminum camper shell can not sustain the weight of a roof rack if you want one. Then you would have to go for the thicker built aluminum camper shell that weighs more to have a safer base.

The Versatility of The Camper Shells

The cab-high camper shell can be used in multiple ways. If used as the main source of transport, they can function well as campers. If not, they can be attached to the truck, adding more space to your vehicle and aiding the access to stuff on your truck’s roof.

Commercial Campers And Their Supplemental Benefits

If you are a working individual, commercial campers are just the thing for you. The commercial toppers provide you with more options for enhancing the storage of tools, such as larger back doors and bigger panels of the flip-up side.

Due to these perks, commercial campers tend to cost more. If we compare a simple camper from the reputable company Leer, a simple Leer 100R costs $1800, and a fully ready Leer LHR XD can be bought for $3500.

Opting amongst various choices, they can cost around up to $2000. Yet you need to remind yourself before buying to save beforehand, as the cab-high campers don’t come inexpensive.

Features of a Toyota Tacoma Camper

Among the campers available, the Toyota Tacoma Camper is a huge favorite. Thanks to its multiple eye-catching features, it can safely be declared one of the best camper. If you decide to buy a Toyota Tacoma Camper, look into the various models available to get an idea of which model is suited for your needs. 

The vast array of models offered by Toyota come with different specialties, such as varying towing capacities and changing payload. Generally, the Toyota Tacoma Camper holds ample payload capacity. Being able to bear between 1050 to 1685 pounds, this vehicle can easily tow a handful of truck campers. 

This large figure of weight bearing is also enough to carry extremely weighty loads such as hauling lumber or a contractor’s tools. The payload rating of the Toyota Tacoma Camper is mainly based on your truck’s engine, which to no surprise, varies with every model. Hence, you need to check the range to estimate the weight your truck can tow.

Toyota Tacoma Timberleaf Classic

The Toyota Tacoma Timberleaf Classic is made to suit you well in all aspects if you need a truck for your vacation to be perfect. Thanks to its sturdy tires, it’s a beast on the roads in all conditions. The camper also offers a fully furnished kitchen, vast storage space, and a space for entertainment purposes. Weighing only 900 pounds, the Tacoma Camper owns a much-desired weight and power.

Why The Camper Weight Matters

When buying any camper, its weight plays a significant role in estimating its towing capacity. To know what suits you best, you must review the weight of the camper along with all your load. Also, bear in mind that a trailer with a 5th wheel can weigh around 2000 pounds. 

The Toyota Tacoma Camper offers a towing capacity of 3500 pounds at its best. This can be further enhanced by purchasing a different larger model. 2.7L and a V6 are the 2 trim levels offered by Toyota when it comes to the Tacoma.

Other Features of The Toyota Tacoma Camper

Here are a few other features of the Toyota Tacoma Camper that make it worth the purchase. This vehicle has 2 versions; the double-cab version, which can accommodate more passengers, and the single-cab version, which allows you 100 additional pounds for payload, making towing safer. 

Toyota has upgraded its Tacoma with an extra camera and a mirror, offering a panoramic view if you opt for it. This allows you 360 degrees view, assisting in parking areas or bumpy routes. The JBL sound system is upgraded to provide 6 speakers of supreme quality with Bluetooth connectivity and a subwoofer that improves the bass response. 

This helps keep you entertained with music and media of the best quality. A full-featured Toyota Tacoma Camper costs more due to its luxuries. These include a custom kitchen, a separate dining area, and a bathroom. The Toyota Tacoma Camper is a great choice whether you require a compact tent for 2 persons or a luxurious RV for a whole family.

Modernizing The Toyota Tacoma Camper

A few upgrades are available for the Tacoma to make it a fully equipped camper. These allow you to reflect your style in Tacoma, such as choosing a different color for the shingles. The size of your camper and its weight matter as some campers cost above $10,000 and others below $200. 

Here is a list of the customizations you can avail of: 

  • Zeon 12-S Platinum winches
  • Heightened front bumper
  • Additional 3.5 inches tired for off-road wheels
  • Supplementary lighting
  • Safari-based snorkel
  • Additional front shocks on the external
  • Excess box for storage
  • Extra tire carrier in the rear bumper


The Toyota Tacoma Camper is a beast on the road and a feast to the eyes with its classy retro look. Its feasible features ensure you have the best time spent on vacation.

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