What Is My RV Worth: Click here to find the value for (2022)

There are tons of reasons you could be trying to figure out how much your RV is worth. But while it’s pretty easy to find out how much a car is worth, finding an accurate pricing guide for RVs can be a little more complicated.

If you’re struggling to answer the question “What is my RV worth?” don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place.

How Do I Find Out What Is My RV Worth?

If you’re trying to appraise your RV, there are two great tools you can use – NADAGuides and RVtrader.com. While NADA is a similar resource to Kelly Blue Book, RVtrader.com acts as a way to see how much people are charging for RVs similar to yours.

While both options are great, they both have their drawbacks as well. That’s why it’s best to use both tools to get the most accurate price for your RV!


Whether you’re looking to purchase or sell an RV, NADAGuides.com is where you should start your research. With NADA, you can input all of your RVs information, and it will give you a price range for what they think it’s worth.

NADA utilizes many different market factors to give you an accurate estimate, but there are a few things that it doesn’t account for.

First, it doesn’t account for mileage or condition factors. While you may price high mileage or lower maintained RVs in the lower price range, NADA won’t necessarily do the same. Furthermore, it doesn’t account for location, which does impact the selling price.

The value of your RV is largely dependent on where you’re selling it. You’ll get more for your RV in Los Angeles than you will in rural Kentucky. However, NADA doesn’t account for this important factor.


  • Comprehensive list of all RVs and trailers
  • Offers suggested list prices and low- and high-end retail prices
  • Breaks down RVs by make, model, and optional features


  • Not location specific
  • Does not account for vehicle condition or mileage


While NADA is a great starting point to appraise your RV, that’s all it should be. Once you’ve got a rough estimate of what it’s worth, you should head over to RVtrader.com to see what people are actually selling similar RVs for.

The advantage of RVtrader.com is you can filter things out by location, and you can try to track down RVs that have similar mileage or are in a similar condition.

Even better, if you’re looking to sell your RV after you figure out how much it’s worth, RVtrader provides a platform for you to reach a wide audience with the click of a button.

Of course, the biggest drawback to using a site like RVtrader.com to see what your RV is worth is that if no one is selling a similar RV, you won’t get any results. If you have a unique RV, that can be a significant drawback.


  • See what similar RVs are selling for
  • Most utilized online RV sales site with lots of data to pull from
  • If you like what you see, you can sell your RV in the same place
  • Location filter


  • You won’t find exact matches
  • If no one is selling a similar trailer, you won’t see any results

Which Travel Trailers Have the Best Resale Value?

Vacations in Poland – camper in Baltic seashore around Leba resort in Pomorskie province

Several factors go into a travel trailer’s resale value, but the most significant factor to consider is the brand. Well-known brands like Jayco, Winnebago, Airstream, and Coachmen all hold their value exceptionally well.

From there, the best way to have a travel trailer hold its resale value is to take care of it! Keeping up with the small things, so the travel trailer still has a like-new appearance will help keep its value.

That’s also why you want to consider your travel trailer’s reliability when trying to determine its resale value. If everything is in pristine condition and still working the way it should, it’s going to be worth far more than one that is starting to fall apart.

While most big names do an excellent job at building reliable travel trailers, Jayco sets itself apart from the pack, which is why so many RV enthusiasts swear by them.

However, from there, you need to know all travel trailers, RVs, and other types of campers are going to depreciate in value rapidly.

But if you’re looking for a travel trailer that will hold its value better than others, stick with a big brand.

What Is the Most Reliable RV Brand?

While there are tons of great RV brands out there, it’s hard to beat the reliability that Jayco offers. Jayco is so confident in their RVs that they provide some of the best warranties in the industry. They offer a 2-year limited warranty and a 3-year structural warranty on all of their RVs and trailers.

Furthermore, most of the additional features in a Jayco RV come with their own warranty, so there are 15 different warranties built into many Jayco RVs.

For instance, the flooring has a seven-year warranty, the tires have a six-year warranty, the roof a 12-year warranty, and any deck flooring that your RV comes with has a 25-year warranty!

Though Jayco RVs and trailers are often a little more expensive than their lesser known counterparts, what you get in return is craftsmanship you can trust and a brand that stands by every trailer they produce.


While there are many different reasons you might be asking yourself, “How much is my RV worth?” the good news is there are a few tools out there that can help.

While many dealerships try to hide this fact so they can get your RV for cheap or sell you one at a ridiculous price, with just a little research, you can make, or save, a ton of money.

Even if you’re just curious, why not head over to NADAGuides.com or RVtrader.com and see what your RV is worth?

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